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Benxico to launch a 20-peso coin in honor of the Navy

Mexico City. – To pay tribute to Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar)The Bank of Mexico and the Chamber of Deputies approved…

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Mexico City. – To pay tribute to Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar)The Bank of Mexico and the Chamber of Deputies approved the A. announced the launch of new commemorative coin to this holy institution.

The new currency will have a denomination of 20 Mexican pesos. And special editions of this type of arithmetic may be part of the collectors. It should be remembered that this denomination is usually chosen to honor the various Mexican institutions.

In case of this new version it has to be submitted Tribute to Mexico’s Navy-Navy Bicentenary, The currency has already been discussed on various sites specializing in buying and selling coins and banknotes of different characteristics.

new currency

According to the announcements of the senators of the plenary, the monetary value of this commemorative coin will be 20 Mexican pesos, it will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation and Banxico, who will begin making the final design.

However, they have revealed the features that the coin will have, which are the following:

  • Its diameter is 30 mm. Will happen
  • Dodecagonal shape, 12 sides
  • Weight of 12.67 grams
  • It will be on the obverse: in the center, the national coat of arms in a sculptural relief, and the legend “Estados Unidos Mexicanos”.
  • Behind it: a figure belonging to the Mexican Navy-Navy bicentenary with a denomination of 20 pesos as well as security elements and the fence of the Casa de Moneda de México.
  • a bimetallic structure

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It should be noted that the Chamber of Deputies, with 486 votes in favor, approved the creation of currency monument to honor Mexican Naval Secretariat.