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Benjamin Vicuna and his son Bautista honor Blanca on her 16th birthday – people online

One May 15 but 2006 came to the world white vicunadaughter of Benjamin Vicuna and Carolina Ardohain. At the end…

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One May 15 but 2006 came to the world white vicunadaughter of Benjamin Vicuna and Carolina Ardohain. At the end of August 2012, the couple and their children decided to travel to Mexico, which would end with a sad outcome. A 6-year-old girl contracted a bacterium in Cancun that caused her hemorrhagic pneumonia and stroke in a short time, her date of death is September 8, in neighboring Chile.

Today Blanquita, fondly remembered by her family and friends, will be 16 years old. That’s why her father decided to honor her on his trip to the United States. Benjamin Vicuna bought some beautiful white helium balloons on the streets of New York, which, just like the white roses, have symbolized over the years when talking to or mentioning his daughter. In search of the most open and beautiful place in the city, he decides to throw them into the sky and record the moment so that everyone who loves him can be a part of it.

On his social network Instagram, he wrote, “Happy birthday Blanca”. The post was quickly flooded with lovely comments for this father, who is grieving the loss of his daughter day after day. Driver Marley commented on Three Hearts, as Chilean actress Mariana Loyola Ruiz showed her support during this difficult time.

His emotional memory with Bautista Vicuna and his sister Blanquita

The one who also wanted to remember his older sister on this day was Bautista Vicuna, the only one of Blanca’s brothers who knew her and who has some memories with her. On his social network, the teenager shared a video in which he was singing in front of the camera with his sister and his father filmed them having fun.

The young man tagged his father in this post reminding him of the moment with Blanca and unlike many, he wanted his sister’s birthday to be remembered with joy, so when they were little they celebrated a very famous put the song . more information on



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