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Belinda’s invincible model in a beach-black swimsuit

Belinda The 32-year-old decided to break the social network of her own free will and it is that she shared…

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Belinda The 32-year-old decided to break the social network of her own free will and it is that she shared new photos from the beach with a one-piece swimsuit, leaving everyone in awe of her natural figure Kendall JennerWho has also fallen in love with pictures like this.

In the images we can see Belinda posing in various ways and, as expected, promoting the series Welcome to Eden, which she produced in Spain, where she will be staying for a while, as she will be in that location. There are many projects, which they remain a surprise to the public.

Returning with the publication of Belinda is a black swimsuit with several openings, with which she stuns everyone, as both the pose and her gaze were a plus so that the pictures immediately went viral, making it clear that the work But what everything is giving, modeling in this case.

“You don’t need to be told how beautiful you are because you already know it. Those of us who look beyond your body are looking for a woman, strong, warrior, sympathetic, supportive, considerate and loving. I give more importance to you.” Despite adversity, you are always positive, without fear of success, beautiful”, “Great as always, this look looks great on you.” It reminds me of the 2013 era”, write the network.

Let us tell you that a few weeks ago the singer was seen in some interviews with weight loss, but with all the attitude, many speculated that it could have been her breakup with Christian Nodal, but with these pictures she is much more than that. Leaves too much. Obviously it will continue to shine.

As if that weren’t enough, the series premiere of Welcome to Eden, where she plays Afrika, was very well received by the public, prompting the singer to resume her role as an actress. Happy for her, because we must remember that she started when she was just a girl where she was the star of a children’s soap opera on Televisa.

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