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Banksico to produce 120 million 50 peso bills by 2022

Mexico. – For this 2022, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) plans to create 120 million of the new 50-peso bills,…

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Mexico. – For this 2022, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) plans to create 120 million of the new 50-peso bills, the paper currency that is highly valued in the Mexican market. axolotl drawing,

For the current year, the Central Bank of the Mexican Republic will allocate the total 5 thousand 448 million pesos in physical investment According to the approved budget of this year, 1.5 billion is related to the production of banknotes.

Of the total amount, most will be used for bills and coins, as 4,322 million pesos will be spent on this task, an increase of 1,820 million pesos over 2021.

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It is expected that, during the current year, Banxico will print in its new facilities Jalisco State 120 million copies of the new 50-peso bill, which was put into circulation on October 28, 2021.

Axolotl Ticket wins international award

This past April of 2022, the Bank of Mexico announced that the “Axolotl Bill”, as it is commonly known, won the Bank Bill of the Year award. International Bank Note Society (IBNC).

“The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) announces that it has once again selected #BancodeMéxico to receive its prestigious “Banknote of the Year Award” for the denomination of the 50-peso bill belonging to the G family. The body said. Self employed through their official social media accounts.

According to the company, the features that led the new 50 Mexican Peso bill to win monetary prizes were: Print History and Cultural Design With paper money.

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“The design highlights the historical and cultural features of Mexico with new graphic motifs. It was produced by the Bank of Mexico’s new printing complex located in Jalisco and which began operations before the coronavirus pandemic. The banknote has considerable features. Improved security”, detailed IBNS about elements of “Axolotl Ticket”.

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