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Banking institutions in Latin America do not have a cyber security strategy

In an interview for, artificial intelligence officer Maria Cruz highlighted the importance of investing in cyber security for companies…

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In an interview for, artificial intelligence officer Maria Cruz highlighted the importance of investing in cyber security for companies and individuals.

In college 30 percent companies and banking institutions it is in latin america Strong Cyber ​​Security StrategiesSome only back up general data, but do not invest in specialized data backup classifications.

Protecting personal data, generating frequent changes to passwords in applications and websites are actions necessary to establish personal digital security, a culture that is lacking in Latin America.

“Anyone who has a bank account or email is an asset to sell the data, if we don’t have one.” personal cyber securityAll our data can be offered” he insisted.

Account statements, classified folders with important documents, personal documents in the digital cloud, are the best-selling documents on the digital black market, as well as names, emails and telephone numbers, the most requested data.

Service sales companies that are starting out, regularly buy lists of confidential data to generate direct contact with people and offer their products, lists that were intrusive or mass sold.

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Cruz highlighted the importance of generating double filters in banking access, in cell phones, as well as in constantly changing passwords, as the security of personal information is important to all people.

Share immediate implementation strategies to generate cyber security instantly:

Correct classification of digital folders

Correctly sort and name digital folders on your digital devices, files that are public in nature, files containing official documents and generate a specific folder for confidential documents, a folder that is worth investing in a special security encryption Is.

Do not give personal data to any company

It is important to study and know to which company, institution or individual I am providing my personal data digitally or personally, as this is the easiest way to obtain your digital history and it is something that you have ” has reached”.

Go to the experts in the field

The lack of specialized personnel in Latin America makes these services more expensive, apart from the fact that there is no population demand for the service, therefore, some companies dedicated to it raise their prices, making it somewhat economical. becomes completely unattainable.

Backup across devices to the digital cloud

It is important to back up important and confidential documents on external devices, do not leave them in the ‘digital cloud’ as it is easy for them to be stolen without a trace of what they did.

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Cruz stressed, “As a Mexican culture it is always necessary to verify who we share our data with, take the pain of asking what they will be and if companies are safe, we have the right to know.” That’s what people will do with our data.”

Unfortunately there is no regulation or law in Mexico that protects the sale of leads (list of personal data) to companies that require this information to operate, cyber security is still highly valuable, it The most important thing is to avoid fraud or identity theft.

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