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Banda Rancho Viejo Wins With Their Song “I’m Worth Losing You”

Julio Aramburo’s Rancho Viejo Bandoan extraordinary musical group Originally from El Limón de los PerazaiIn this Municipality of San Ignacio,…

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Julio Aramburo’s Rancho Viejo Bandoan extraordinary musical group Originally from El Limón de los PerazaiIn this Municipality of San Ignacio, State of Sinaloa, MexicoOne of your best steps.

And A new chapter is being written in your history From having a new manager, to signing with Universal Music and Camacho Music, to renewing their work team and adding new blood to their lineup, as is the case with them. New singer Arth Arseo19 years old and originally from Yucatan, Mexico.

“The band has grown tremendously,” he said. Eric Sarabiaanother of Singers of Banda Rancho Viejo, in a very good interview with Debate. “Year after year we have taken a huge step, we have outdone ourselves in all aspects, music, individually, each partner surpasses ourselves, we try to surpass even our own songs Huh”.

The band’s competition is the same Banda Rancho Viejo, if we look back and see where we are now, Banda Rancho Viejo has gone a long way in music and personally.

Every effort has good results. Every dream can be fulfilled, and it is verified by Sinaloa Group with 16 years of experience. One of the singles they’re promoting, “I deserve to lose you”, has been a huge success indeed. This Ranchera song, from Authorship of the composer Itzel Vidaconquered #1 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Chart,

“It’s something that was never seen in Banda Rancho Viejo, it was something that was clearly dreamed of, as the saying goes, God’s time is perfect, after the bitter drink all those blessings What could be better than the year 2022 to bring you what we spent two years ago”, said Eric Sarabia, referring to the pandemic, which has left him out of work like many fellow musicians.

Banda Rancho Viejo is “breaking” it in a big way. photo courtesy

“I deserve to lose you”Presented by Eric Sarabia, produced by Julio Aramburo and recorded at Estudio 21 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, It was already released in 2018However, due to various circumstances, He was not given the promotion he deserved, was being saved,

The following year, the group had much work to do with productions in Mexico and the United States, for which it could not be promoted enough. The next two years were, well, the chaos triggered by the pandemic. Four years after being recorded, “I deserved to lose me” got justice,

We have now decided that yes, promote this song the way it needs to this year, give it proper publicity and attention, to be able to reach this song, people already liked this song Is.

“They heard it at a party and maybe they didn’t know it was us who sang it, now, God bless, we’re being given the opportunity to be number one on Billboard, and people turn to watch.” We are people of both mortal worlds, as we say, because we bring a rhythm of life completely different from all the rest, because the media, businessmen, promoters, are already turning to see Banda Rancho Viejo “.

Reaching #1 on the Billboard regional Mexican charts meant that the public was demanding a concert by him in Mexico and many cities in the United States, where he has never performed.

“In scenarios where the band hadn’t stepped out for a long time, dates were called off for a football stadium, for an arena, in big venues. We all dream of overcoming ourselves, we’re like, We are dreaming and it is a dream that we do not want to wake up to. If it is worth the effort and sacrifice that we spent a few years on”.

For “I Deserve To Lose You” Relaunchwas filmed new music video In Guadalajara, Jalisco, by director Manuel Guyso, an audiovisual that is completely different from the one created before. They replaced the huaraches with boots, hats and straps for a suit, tie and boots.“People also liked seeing us on a different stage”.

there, recently old farm closed by Julio Aramburo, released their new EP “What if”Including seven songs between Cambias, Romantic and Ranchras.

The first single from this EP is “What will happen?” (same name of the mini album), Composition by Horacio Palencia and Giovanni Cabrerawhere Singer Arth Arseo gave a scintillating performance, It is a heartwarming ballad whose lyrics say: “What if you suffered like I suffered, what if I applied to you the same things you applied to me when we were together”.

In this regard, Erik Sarabia said that there are many people who want to say that with words and perhaps they cannot, “What could be better than a song to be able to say these things to the boy, that To the girl who broke our hearts, this is a very beautiful song. Horacio Palencia was mesmerized by the result of this song”.

During this pleasant speech, the singer of Banda Rancho Viejo mentioned that he has another dream to win many awards. before, they were Latin Grammy Nominee for His Song “Que Machin”As well as in Premio Lo Nuestro.

“What will be better this year than 2022 or 2023, giving us an award, a Latin Grammy, a Billboard, a Latin American musical, that’s something we’ve been dreaming of with all our hearts, I’m sure it will come true” .

Why should the public play Banda Rancho Viejo’s “Me Vale Persert”?

Eric Sarabia explained that it is a song that many would recognize. “I know what I’m telling you, and because you can have a few beers, a whiskey, a tequila, even if you’re not in pain, it’s time to crave a ranchera song by Banda Rancho Viejo.”

All those who have already heard it identify with a very colloquial phrase that was used in the phrase: no one knows what they have until they see it lost.

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“When maybe we’re not doing well in love or they’re cheating on us or there’s a toxic person who’s hurting us and we say, ‘You know, that was cool, nobody knows what they have. ‘Till they lose it and now that you’re gone, I deserve to lose you’, hope they keep playing this song, keep singing it at the top of their lungs and ours with songs to come Keep supporting”.