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Baby “unnecessarily” dies in a nursery

England. – Two women arrested after mysterious Eight month old baby dies in nursery from England. Greater Manchester Police were…

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England. – Two women arrested after mysterious Eight month old baby dies in nursery from England.

Greater Manchester Police were alerted and taken to Little Toes Children’s Day Nursery before 3:20 pm on Monday, paramedics The girl was taken to the hospital, but she died.

Police treated his death as ‘unexplained’Two women, aged 35 and 34, were arrested on suspicion of culpable negligent murder.

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Both the women have been kept in custody for questioning. Detective Superintendent Phil Duffy expressed regret and sent a message to the family, saying that every effort was being made to get answers.

“Since we were called, we have already done a lot of investigations and now two arrests have been made While our investigation is on.”

Nursery owner François Pele told Manchester Evening News they were working closely to investigate.

In an earlier statement, Greater Manchester Police said: “Aides from the North West Ambulance Service called to inform officers that a child died of a medical episode at a compound on Melor Road in Cheadle just before 3.20 pm on Monday. suffer well.”

,The eight-month-old girl was taken to the hospital where she died tragically., At present the death is being treated as unexplained and investigation is on to find out the cause.”

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Baby “unnecessarily” dies in a nursery

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