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Aztec stadium ‘fighting field’ after machine game

Mexico City. – Cruz Azul Machine does not play in this Clausura 2022, it suffered a defeat again at the…

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Mexico City. – Cruz Azul Machine does not play in this Clausura 2022, it suffered a defeat again at the Azteca Stadium, the sixth fall in this Liga MX championship and the seventh home game without the weight of the mayor of Coyoacán’s field.

Unfortunately, there is so much frustration and annoyance that surrounds the blue-and-white fans who pay tickets to paint the Colossus of Santa rsula, however the results on the field do not come through and therefore end in their last three home runs. During the match in the games he had many controversies among his own fans.

In their last three places where the result was not with Juan Reynoso’s team, the public caused an incident of violence in the stands and in the vicinity of the World Cup venue, first in that defeat against Chivas fans by a minor margin; Three people were arrested.

Fifteen days later Cruz Azul received a visit from Atlético de San Luis, they should have won to avoid the playoffs, however they lost again and the players, including the coach, received a boon from the spectators at the end of the match.

But that was only the beginning as hours later a video was posted on the social network where some people saw an outburst of anger among the machine-like followers, following which security elements tried to control the situation.

The new episode of this unfortunate incident took place on Thursday after they suffered a first leg defeat against Tigress UANL. In a video going viral in which two men clashed in the stands, the police separated the two men with their shields, who were thrown out along with five others.

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Violence is marking Clausura 2022 for the worse. Recall that the riots in La Corregidora on March 5 caused the MX League to implement strict guidelines leading to a peaceful environment, but to this day this does not work as fighting continues between fans inside buildings and to be out.

Aztec stadium ‘fighting field’ after machine game

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