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Atala Sarmiento dedicates a touching message to her lost children

Mexico. Few people know it, but In her attempt to become a mother, Atala Sarmiento could not achieve this and…

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Mexico. Few people know it, but In her attempt to become a mother, Atala Sarmiento could not achieve this and lost many children. Through Instagram, he dedicates a touching message to her on Mother’s Day.

In addition, Atala, who currently hosts the reality show I’m Famous… Get Me Out of Here!, mentions the healing process she deals with constantly, It is her husband David Rodenas who has supported her a lot.

“Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico. I especially want to congratulate all the women who, like me, countless times, have been empty-handed, invisible mothers,” Atala says on Instagram.

“I recognize the bravery and courage of trying everything and as often as necessary, regardless of the pain of loss, traveling that very long road in silence, desperation and constant ups and downs of spirit,” noted journalist also cite.

Atala Sarmiento and her husband David Rodenas. Instagram photo

Sarmiento, originally from CDMX and who has resided in Spain in recent years, says that He thanks his children who made him feel the greatest and unconditional love that can exist.

“No matter how short your life has been, without looking at your face or wrapping you in my arms, I thank you for giving life to each other for a few weeks or a few months. I gave you my Full body and gave your love. Perfection so that you may become my eternal messenger.”

Atala Sarmiento, who worked for many years in Televisión Azteca and in particular Ventaneando, expresses gratitude to her husband, David Rodenas, for never leaving his hand, and has cried with him several times.

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Atala, originally from CDMX, says, “Happy Mother’s Day everyone! The visible, the invisible, the ones who don’t want to be.”

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