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Argument of autocratic cantonism

Around the rainy afternoon of 23 April, María Elvira Roca Beria silenced the auditorium of the University of Seville, issuing…

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Around the rainy afternoon of 23 April, María Elvira Roca Beria silenced the auditorium of the University of Seville, issuing the following warning: What is happening in Spain right now is happening in Latin America (time has stressed it twice). gave); America’s indigenous is our nationalism. Unless this is stopped, they will in the future rebuke more than 500 million people for being politically unimportant.

This is how the intellectual who has made the most decisive contribution to exposing the anti-Spanish black legend on both sides of the oceans (let’s also make room for the Pacific) expressed himself with his usual frankness. He did this in the framework of the conclusion of the Second Congress of the Teachers’ Forum.

Days after the intervention of Professor Roca, the city of León has seen a day of anonymity protests in which its conveners were punished for violations of frequent regional and national governments. The opposition of this part of the citizens of León should be interpreted as another example of an early process of provincial cantonalization which is gaining muscle in sparsely populated Spain. This is a drift that is very detrimental to national unity, but it is easy to understand by looking at the budget revenue and infrastructure provision with which those sectors have been rewarded with their separatist votes in exchange for privileges over others. . If it was necessary to reduce the negotiation processes between the governments of the nation and the regions with the largest separatist establishment, it could easily be done by saying that they were processes that negotiated the limits of what was given in each round. was in his areas with less affection than the nation. A process whose goal may be to evacuate the state only in those areas, hiding behind trompe l’oeil that the state has territorial administration, or is rebellious, and has always served as a factory of resentment towards the commoners.

The dismissal of the director of the CNI is only the latest but significant example of how profitable the cantonalization of Spain can be or, seen in perspective, the gibberization of Latin America or the Hispanosphere. A profitability is achieved by fattening the wealth of those managing their privileges until they are set to become the casino and tax haven of cryptocurrency with the security of 10,000 Russian soldiers. If it weren’t for the brutality of war, these cantonal privilege defenders would have been ready to live longer the block chain than the stale absolutism’s Vivaan Las Cana! What is the technology on which cryptocurrency is mined. That’s what Catalan separatists and Moscow ambassadors negotiated, as it is now known.

Spain called for an integrated project at the Ibero-American summit that, in addition to being fully compatible with the contribution to Europe, would have allowed us to adopt a thought-provoking, generic and future-oriented company. That project, promoted by Felipe González at the time, had the King of Spain as one of its great pillars. The emptying of the Crown’s institutional agenda by the Sánchez government and the indigenousism, whose warnings Elvira Roca silenced Seville’s spectators, have devalued the place for international cooperation in which Spain must seek a more future than cantonal drift. .

But not only in this drift are there more allies than main ally, other than the example set by gentlemen who negotiate concessions on their own agenda. Another not-so-minor ally is informational laziness in which isolationism moves freely wherever it borders. Proof of this is that in the same hours – not even days – the tray on which to serve the head of the CNI president was chosen as the atonement victim of the separatist feast, a group of Spanish scientists was placed on top. Table All the vulnerabilities that the University of Toronto’s CitizenLab reported on; The document on which «Cattlegate» was created immediately. Once again, informational laziness played in favor of isolationism, as hardly any media outlet dared to analyze all the evidence that was made public showing the weaknesses of the report backed by the University of Toronto. With the same information available to all political groups, only the European Parliament’s citizens’ group took the matter seriously and ordered the above university to send a formal request to clarify all doubts that could arise about the rigidity of this matter. But question what it has done. The last blow to the institutions of the state.

Early cantonism knew that infrastructure sometimes depended on the auction of votes when the majority was small. Spain’s network of electricity is enough to realize that it is much denser in the north than in the south and that industry never goes where there is neither electricity nor communication. In this bloody path of contempt is the argument of cantonism that unites us, but that argument ends when, having achieved a new electric transport network or high-speed corridor, we find that there is no continuity in it. Not even with additional cantons below nor with cantons above. Then it remains only to claim it as an island. In the end the only recourse is autocracy.

  • Jose Manuel Casino He is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Seville and an academic at the Autonomous University of Chile

Argument of autocratic cantonism

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