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Argentine singer Marco Silva launches “Lovers and Friends”

young and talented Argentine singer Marco Silvahave His Beginnings in the Urban Stylewhere he managed to stand out and soon…

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young and talented Argentine singer Marco Silvahave His Beginnings in the Urban Stylewhere he managed to stand out and soon after starting his music career, he became One of the most listened to artists in his native Argentina, In the world of urban music, he collaborated with Darrell, Lenny Tavarez, Kevin Roldan, Darkiel, Khe, Brian Myers, among others.

In the quest to be able to express myself more as an interpreter, gradually Leaving the commercial side of the urban genre and foraying into romantic musicwhere Displays the passion and romanticism that characterizes him, “It’s nice to be able to do everything, in this case, always, since I was a kid, I’ve loved romantic music,” he said. marco silva29 years old and originally from Quilms, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a pleasant conversation with Debate.

Now I launch myself in Mexico with ranchera music, romantic and the reaction of people is incredible, I recognize myself more, I can express myself more, the response and development is great, they are in line with the genre loved change.

interpreter Promotes the single “Lovers and Friends”.a song that matters story of a woman with two mentalks a lot about what is forbidden, that happens with one and then with the other, they are happy when they are together,” he talks a lot about passion, which is forbidden and All that history”.

Singer Marco Silva is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. photo courtesy

Marco Silva recently. showcased his artistic talent by releasing the acoustic version of “Lovers and Friends”,

“This theme will be covered in my new album, with more ranchero and romantic themes, so beautiful, I know you mexican are very passionate, you love listening to good songs, so I’m focusing on that “What’s the song, the compositions, I’m so happy, I really want to finish the album and share it with everyone and release each new song here in Mexico with the support of all of you”.

With “Lover and Friends” and with each of the musical themes that he has released and which will be released soon, he hopes to create a range of emotions in all his listeners, that his followers will identify with his songs. “That they return me with messages and with love, the sacrifice that an artist makes to produce a beautiful song is the greatest pay of an artist, he is the most beautiful”.

On the other hand, Marco Silvia, who Considered to be a very versatile singerListening to various interpreters such as Luis Miguel, Christian Nodal or Marco Antonio Solis, “El Bucci” said that His growth as an artist is increasing month by month, year by year,

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“Today I think differently, the work force is more organized, when you start there are many uncertainties, things that sometimes stop you and, after many years, you do more than you realize , except commercial, it is also a development person.

Argentine singer Marco Silva launches “Lovers and Friends”

2022-05-11 23:16:44