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Aretha de la Torre’s alleged infidelity to his wife Susie

A few months ago there was a rumor that the Mexican actor meaning of towerWho is currently part of the…

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A few months ago there was a rumor that the Mexican actor meaning of towerWho is currently part of the cast of the hosts of the program “Hoy”, left the play “El Tenorio Comica”. Alleged harassment of choreographer Andrea Rodriguezsor former passionate partner and fiancé of fellow actor Julio Alegria.

Aretha de la Torre, 47, and originally from Cancun, Quintana Roo, is believed to have been harassing her ex, Andrea Rodriguez. with the intention of winning her back, despite being a married man, It is worth mentioning that The actor has been married for 15 years to Susie Lu, the mother of his three children.,

According to the recent edition of TVNotas, Areth de la Torre and Susie Lou might be going through a strong couple crisis, “She got angry, he made a tremendous scandal, he told her what it was about, that she had gone too far, it hurt her so much that Arth did this to her, she already knew that He’s a happy eye, he didn’t look like he was able to cheat on her, he hit hard enough,” a close friend of the couple told this entertainment magazine.

According to this person, the host of the morning newspaper “Hoy” He swore to his wife that those rumors were falseAdmitting that, in the past, he had a love affair with Andrea Rodriguez.

“He told her he didn’t want to lose her and that he never did it to hurt her. Arth never thought it would get out of control, he was overwhelmed with the feeling of seeing Andrea again, and now He is having a very bad time, he regrets pending so much…”.

Susie Lou will be deeply affected by her husband Areth de la Torre’s alleged infidelityTill here, thinking about divorce, “Let’s hope they don’t reach a divorce, it’s a never shattering father for a family, it’s sad, but his wife has a lot of dignity and has lost all faith in her, so I’m going to give it a try.” I see it as difficult.”

As of now, Arth de la Torre has not commented on these new rumors about their marriage. Earlier, during one of the broadcasts of “Hoy”, he spoke about the alleged harassment of his ex-girlfriend.

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He said he was “a person at work, not of scams” and that he “explicitly disqualified the information” that was handled about him. “I am a gentleman and my lawyers are already aware of this situation, I want to tell them that they always keep all the information about my voice in my house, ‘Hoy’, always showing my face. “

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