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Are you following Estrada Ferreiro now?

“When you see your neighbor chopping off your beard”, the political trial process against Jesus Estrada Ferreiro is still classified…

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“When you see your neighbor chopping off your beard”, the political trial process against Jesus Estrada Ferreiro is still classified as “reserved”, which is something like “top secret”, so the Zukopo coordinator, Feliciano Castro cannot give information and is limited to only saying he has 60 days to issue an opinion and pass the inquiry commission to the plenary session after getting the mayor.
The right to the presumption of innocence must be guaranteed, kept secret, but once the issue is discussed in a plenary session of Congress, all information will be public and open.

To decide the dismissal of Estrada Ferreiro, a qualified majority vote is not required, but rather a simple majority of the deputies attending the session, further complicating the position of the mayor, although no decision on Feliciano’s outcome is required. prefer not to. have. He rejected any fever of political trials against the mayors, because so far, apart from Estrada Ferreiro, there has been only one formal petition against Cosala’s president, Carla Corrales, the rest being speculation. Following Kuen’s dismissal, the mayor had a brief meeting with Governor Rubén Rocha yesterday, trying to persuade him to stop the trial. For now, legislative priorities are focused on the approval of the reform for the repeal of the mandate, and the opinion was unanimously approved by members of the Constitutional Points Commission, chaired by Ambrosio Chávez, which met yesterday. There is also a competition to pass laws to protect journalists whose governance is already ready. Obviously they are not going to wait for the national law to be approved.

Potpourri. Now former health secretary Hector Melecio Cuen came out to defend himself yesterday after being sacked. He minimized the present demands against journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez, saying that it was no longer valid, and against Tere Guerra, assuring that he was negotiating after being a cabinet colleague, as he was at the women’s secretariat. sends. With both he faced prolonged media wars, accusations and counterclaims. That he and Governor Rubén Rocha did not differ and supported his alliance with Morena and ensured in a measured way that it would not be “a stone in the shoe” for the state administration, nor would it be a “stone in the shoe” for PAS officials. would lead to mass resignations. Although it is expected that many dressers will resign for looking good or get fired. Earlier, Cuen and Angelica Diaz de Cuen had spread that “personal reputation is not on the auction floor.”

Stick given. For his part, Rocha confirms that this is already a decision and has nothing to do with political issues. He took direct advantage of security guarantees to journalists and said nothing.

Canaco. Good communication can be seen between Mayor Gerardo Vargas and the businessmen, now former councilor Victor Damme taking over the reins of Canaco in an act Gerardo offered an open-door administration.

Are you following Estrada Ferreiro now?

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