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Apple improves its operating results and seeks CEO after Basabe’s retirement

Apple reports operating results of €41.5 million During the first quarter of this year, which represents an increase of 18.4%…

By admin , in news , at May 10, 2022

Apple reports operating results of €41.5 million During the first quarter of this year, which represents an increase of 18.4% compared to the same period in 2021, as indicated by the company, which was a year after Fernando Basabé communicated his intention to retire. The process of selecting the new CEO is proceeding.

Similarly, Gross Operating Results (Ebitda) reached €70.4 million As of March, 14.2% higher, while adjusted results before taxes were 35.7 million euros, 23.4% higher as a result of higher adjusted operating results and improved financial results.

Between January and March, revenue 462.4 million, representing an increase of 15%.


Despite the current level of global political and economic uncertainty, the firm continues to maintain approach Presented at the end of Fiscal Year 2021 without any changes at the end of Fiscal Year 2022, which align with the presented Strategic Plan and focus on continued improvement of our services portfolio through both acquisitions and disinvestment of certain non-strategic businesses let’s focus.

For this reason, the company reiterates both forecast for revenue growth of between 5 and 8% as well as margin improvement. operative result Adjusted to the environment by 30-40 basis points.

« The first quarter results of the year have been good across the Group and across all divisions, both in terms of earnings and operating profit. Similarly, cash generation has been good, while maintaining the level of financial leverage ratio, which allows us to continue with our acquisition strategy”, highlighted the CEO. ApplesFernando Basabe.

return of settlement

simultaneously, settle down has informed the Board of Directors of his intention to retire and as a result, he will not stand for re-election as a Director for the next four years at the next General Meeting of Shareholders.

Since 2011, according to the firm, Basabe has been instrumental in the growth and success of the organization, prior to his departure. If in May 2014 and up to the present.

The company has thanked him for his dedication and years of service, including “many more significant” achievements and “fruitful” contributions to history. Apples “Has set the course for continued growth and further success under the recently announced Strategic Plan 2022-2024,

The Council has taken note of this decision and is proceeding with the selection process for its appointment. heir,

Final Schedule, Effective Date retirement And all stakeholders will be informed as soon as a decision about a new CEO is made.

Basabe has confirmed that he will remain so CEO To ensure an orderly transition, till the new appointment.