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Antonio “Hulk” Salazza, from Chivas, was burnt to death

Guadalajara Jalisco.- Mortal remains found inside a car trunk in Tonalla, Jalisco, correspond to Former football player for Club Chivaso,…

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Guadalajara Jalisco.- Mortal remains found inside a car trunk in Tonalla, Jalisco, correspond to Former football player for Club Chivaso, Antonio “Hulk” Salazari,

Identity Verification Jalisco was notified by the State Attorney General’s office this afternoon after they received the results of genetic studies that were applied to corpses and those that suggested the death may have been athletes.

“This Thursday they were received by Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences Genetic opinion that was requested by the state agency to confirm the identity of the person found dead, discarded Result 99.9 percent that it’s Antoniowho was a professional soccer player in life,” FGE said in a statement shared with DEBATE.

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lifeless and burning body of Antonio “Hulk” Salazar was located last Sunday, May 8 Inside the trunk of a vehicle that was set on fire in the vicinity of the Colinas Universidad neighborhood, in the municipality of Tonla, one of those that make up the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara.

The prosecutor’s office has indicated that, although there were relatives who claimed the former football player’s mortal remains, these could not have been distributed without any DNA test To confirm the kinship between the two, because the physical conditions under which the body was found did not allow them to be identified by its physical characteristics, and to date they have received confirmation from the IJCF to proceed with the delivery of the body.

Despite the delay in confirmation from the authorities, club chivaso He announced the death of one of his players in a post on his social network and offered condolences to his family.

in respect of the offense committed, Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office He said that “since the criminal news became known … they have carried out various investigative works, for which it is reported that there are some advances at the moment.”

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They said they would continue the investigation to clarify who or what committed the murder and proceed to nab him.

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Antonio “Hulk” Salazza, from Chivas, was burnt to death

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