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And those of us who are not mothers…?

“It was clear to me that in a patriarchal society being a woman and being independent was rare and questionable”Christina…

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“It was clear to me that in a patriarchal society being a woman and being independent was rare and questionable”
Christina Perry Rosic
Winner of the Miguel de Cervantes Award 2021

I quote Christina because her words are useful to me. He emotionally pronounced them upon receiving the award.
In an outrageous act this month when Mother’s Day is celebrated, I would add to your statement that women who do not have children are not only considered strange but also under compassion.

It must be terrifying to empathize with so many humans because we are everywhere, hopefully one day they will get used to it. Maybe it won’t happen next 10th May and when they find us they will think of dry land.

Don’t worry, we’re used to looks that put us off fertility, but that doesn’t mean we stop fathering kids who aren’t flesh and blood, the list is long: Professional careers , companies, books, work, love, friends, family… don’t you know? Your parents are a voluntary decision or impossibility of life making. Nothing unique, nothing that hurts us or that we enjoy as mere mortals like you… Then why do you think we are sad? Do we smell bitter? We are like someone, do not be confused.

At the same time, they cannot get rid of us because we will continue to spin by their side, even if they think of us as unusual. Maybe one day they will stop judging us and understand us. Only then will they know that in some cases it has been difficult, in others it has not. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it is.

If they want to hear from us, we can tell them: No matter what choice we made, it is desirable that we would have made it without a doubt.

As you can see, we like freedom, we have learned to avoid and we still have many knots in our hands that need to be undone, help us! You know, holding a child connects us with light and nature. It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t evolved inside us, I repeat, many of us would have loved it, others, didn’t. Why is it so hard to accept? If you look at us you’ll see that we are in the Macano song One More Year: “Sailor, soldier, single, married, lover, wanderer and sometimes ignorant priest. We are common and ordinary, it’s just that no one can mother us.” Says, even though sometimes we have to have many.

Turn to see us in two days as they celebrate a part of the feminine world. We will embrace our mothers, our friends and sisters, and those who bring our children into the world. They will understand that our collusion smells good, tastes sweet and has been breeding for years. No matter what, infertility will take us by surprise and scheduled intercourse and conception will be useless. They will also account for: Those who rejected motherhood, the life they have, they make it at work, in love, in togetherness, in fear, in fate, in defeat, in abandonment, in places where we all When they finish looking at us, they will calm down because, like you, we are surrounded by loving mothers and extraordinary women and men.

The second celebration will have society’s expectations, roles that are assigned to us, stereotypes, societal pressures and prejudices. Only abysses are created in that meeting. It would be better if we wander off the distractions and spend time preparing a succulent dish to celebrate life next to our mothers. Let’s not get the material wrong. Let’s just throw a party and go all out with a new image that represents all the possibilities of being a woman.