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Anaya criticizes Amlo and Bartlett for sticking to fuel oil

Mexico. – The Panista Ricardo Anaya Cortés criticized AMLO and Manuel Bartlett for their “outdated ideas” about the use of…

Mexico. – The Panista Ricardo Anaya Cortés criticized AMLO and Manuel Bartlett for their “outdated ideas” about the use of fuel oil. To generate electricity and gasoline, with an emphasis on choosing clean energy in Mexico.

In a new video published on his social network on Monday, May 9, 2022, ricardo anaya explained the relationship between the “old ideas” of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Director of the CFE, Manuel Bartlettwith him air pollution,

As an example, the former presidential candidate explained that Tula Refinery is the main reason for Air pollution in the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico because there fuel oil is burned to generate electricity,

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“At the Tula Refinery, oil is mainly processed to produce gasoline. The Problem Is Pemex Refineries Are So Old, which leaves more waste than gasoline. In other words, there is more fuel oil than gasoline,” he said.

Anaya pointed out that fuel oil was used as fuel for ships, but years ago the International Maritime Organization banned it because it produces too much pollution in addition to producing sulfur, which is essential for breathing. Very dangerous. However, he criticized AMLO and Bartlett stick to fuel oil useBecause their problem is that they “live in the past”.

“The world understood this and the world is evolving and changing, slower than some of us think, but here we go.Their problem is that people like Bartlett and López Obrador remain stuck in the past., in the 70s. People thought differently back then, they were in the 70s when people smoked in classrooms, in trucks, in offices. At that time it was thought that the smoke did not cause much damage.”

,The problem isn’t his age, the problem is that Lopez Obrador and Bartlett’s ideas are out of date, So, since you can no longer sell fuel oil for ships, they think it’s great that CFE burns it to generate electricity,” Ricardo Anaya said of AMLO and Bartlett.

In contrast, the PAN member highlighted that generating electricity with modern combined cycle plants costs half the cost of doing so with fuel oil, and six times less with solar or wind power. .

According to Anaya, President López Obrador and the director of the CFE not only “have their ideas out of date,” but resort to burning fuel oil in this way. Manage Pemex’s statistics to “make”Because the oil company sells its fuel oil to the Federal Electricity Commission.

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“So why do you think they insist on this affecting your health and the environment so much? Well, first, because their thoughts are old, they’re stuck in the past, they don’t understand, and second, There is a trap here, to create Pemex figures, as Pemex sells its fuel oil to CFE and appears to have healthy finances with high earnings,” he assured.

In the end, Ricardo Anaya reiterated that this was the reason the opposition stopped him. AMLO Electrical ReformTo which he reiterated his proposal to choose clean energy, which he sees as a symbol of “innovation”, “the future” and “respect for the environment”.