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AMLO will hire 500 Cuban doctors due to shortage in hospitals

Mexico.- President AMLO announces Mexico will hire 500 Cuban doctors due to shortage that are in health centers, that is,…

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Mexico.- President AMLO announces Mexico will hire 500 Cuban doctors due to shortage that are in health centers, that is, they are integratedHospital where Mexicans don’t want to work,

During La Maneira on Monday, May 9, 2022, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that his administration Agreement with the Government of Cuba to solve the problem of shortage of doctors In the country’s hospitals, it was therefore decided to appoint 500 Cuban doctors.

,We are also going to hire Cuban doctors who are going to come to our country to work, We took this decision because we do not have doctors in the country which we need. That is why we have decided to hire more than 500 doctors.” AMLO on agreement with Cuba,

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López Obrador commented, “They are already going to serve the purpose of guaranteeing free health development, medical care, medicines, analysis or clinical studies for those who have Social Security.” Not there.”

From the National Palace, AMLO reported that currently Mexico lacks general practitioners and specialistsWhich he attributed to the lack of support for public education from the “neoliberal period”, which had an impact on the training of doctors.

“We must not forget that In the neoliberal period, public education was left unsupported, it was left on the market so that those who had tuition fees could have their education. At the same time that vacancies in public universities were closed, it affected above all what to do with the training of doctors,” he explained.

“If there were a thousand registered for medicine, 100 were accepted, 900 were rejected as a result. Now, we have a shortage of general practitioners and specialists., We may have hospitals, but we don’t have pediatricians. And even more so when it comes to going to work in hospitals in poor areas, because medical professionals have families and want to work where their children can go to school, where they have a better position. We have already started, but we have this shortcoming which we are solving.”

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President López Obrador explained that the deal with Cuba also includes the possibility of Mexican doctors training on the island and acquiring their vaccine against COVID-19 to be applied to children.

“In the case of Cuba, we signed a cooperation agreement, which basically includes health, which can Go to Cuba to train general practitioners as specialists; We are going to provide scholarships for that purpose,” he said, adding, “We are also going to get a vaccine that they are producing for very young children, which has given them very good results,” he said.