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AMLO wants to win elections with electoral reforms

Mexico. – Journalist Carlos Lloret de Mola alleges that AMLO’s electoral reform is so that the president and Morena always…

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Mexico. – Journalist Carlos Lloret de Mola alleges that AMLO’s electoral reform is so that the president and Morena always win elections.For which he considered the initiative of the President as a “bridge”.

in chapter 81 of his newscast LatinasLorette de Mola criticized that the President Andres Manuel Lopez Declares its electoral reform as the “banner of democracy” when it has real objectives Take “control” of the electoral body to keep Morena in power,

“He announced it for years and finally a week ago the President presented his proposal for electoral reform, which, if we analyze carefully, is a joke. He sells it as the banner of democracy when Its main objective is to take control of the electoral authorities and open the way so that the President and his party never lose power.“, said Lorette de Mola on AMLO’s electoral reforms,

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The communicator criticized that the “true democratic system” proposed by President López Obrador in his electoral reform included Missing in National Election Institute Instead to create the National Institute for Elections and Consultancy (INEC).

“You know that The ‘true democratic system’ for the president is that he always wins electionsDo you know what you propose for this ‘true democratic system’? Banish INE, end it as we know it, and create a decaffeinated version of INE that’s very much in the style of 4T: National Institute of Elections and Counseling“, he revealed.

The INEC that proposes an electoral reform of the AMLO would have 7 electoral councilors instead of 11, as in the case of the INEC, however, Lorette de Mola insisted that, like the electoral magistrates, the councilors were elected by popular vote. Will, it is say, through campaigns.

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The journalist insisted that, in order to vote, candidates for electoral advisers and magistrates must be nominated by the President of the Republic, the Congress of the Union and the judicial power, which according to the opponent are under the control of AMLO. In this sense, Loret warned that AMLO’s electoral reform is not democratic at all.

“Beware of this: those who want to be advisors and magistrates should be nominated, by whom do you think? By the president, by Congress where Murray has a majority, and by judicial power, where López Obrador has control. So ‘As if you say ‘people are going to choose them, okay no, and like they’re going to be very fair and autonomous, well, neither,’ insisted Lorette de Mola.

AMLO wants to win elections with electoral reforms

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