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AMLO, savior of the “scum” of the world!

It seems that the Mexican president is set to go down in history as a patriot and not as a…

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It seems that the Mexican president is set to go down in history as a patriot and not as a defender of the best democratic causes and global coexistence. No, in fact López Obrador is bent on tarnishing not only his presidency domestically, but also tarnishing Mexican tradition – before the world – to denounce atrocities that violate basic guarantees .

Why is Lopez intent on tarnishing her presidency?
Because desperate to cross the country’s altars – and faced with the reprehensible failure of his failed government – the Mexican president has become the greatest defender of his government’s deadliest “scum”, of Mexican criminal gangs and even of That continent’s banana dictatorship.
Thus, for example, he defends his offspring and the rogues of his faction in power, providing protection to criminal gangs such as “El Chapo” and “El Chapito”, in addition to overlapping criminals such as those responsible for Line 12. Is. Cover for Metro and an Attorney General who has become a confessed violator of the Constitution…

And, if necessary, it conditions the US to accept their participation in the summit – like nothing more than – the dictators of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, despite the fact that they are recognized by the world. There are criminals who violently systematically persecute human rights, persecute opponents and imprison dissidents.

Inexplicably, López Obrador does not advocate for those persecuted by dictators, for those who have been imprisoned for resisting, criticizing and opposing the satraps of such atrocities.

On the other hand, and in an open betrayal of the homeland and Mexican history—an apparent betrayal of democratic values—Tabasco defends satraps such as Diaz-Canel from Cuba; Maduro from Venezuela and Ortega, from Nicaragua and even advocates for them in international concerts

That is to say, the Mexican president has become a vulgar “scavenger” of the “scum” of Mexico and the world, hoping that – at the right time-, he will “scum” his old aspiration to maintain himself in power. defends. , in the 2024 presidential election.

But let’s move on to specific cases.

1.- A video went viral in the network in recent days where criminal groups persecute a military convoy who, in an unimaginable and even ridiculous way, run away from the killers who persecute them.
It is clear that it is about “ducks shooting at shotguns” in its real version. In other words, in some areas of the country, the federal government has taken military institutions—military, maritime, and national defenders—to the peak of not only disgrace, but ridicule.
But if there was any doubt, President Obrador made it clear in the “morning” of Thursday, May 12, 2022, when he said the video was leaked to harm his government – as if hiding reality from reality. changed – but still congratulated the army for not shooting the criminals.
And it is that according to the most humanitarian Mexican president, criminal gang members, murderers and murderers are also human beings and their lives should be respected. Of course, Lopez cares more about the lives of criminals than the safety of civilians. Yes, crazy laugh.

2 – And the criminal gangs and their butchers are so important to the Mexican president that they have become deputy, senator and even governor. Today assassins also take votes in elections and defend votes in favor of this or that candidate in one of the biggest perversions of Mexican electoral democracy.
Thus, there are narco-governments such as Sinaloa, Sonora, Zacatecas, Michoacán, San Luis Potosí, Baja California, Veracruz and Nuevo León, which are overlapped by the mantle from the Palace.

3.- But it is not new either. Since 2017 we have warned that this will happen in a fictional government of AMLO, when, during the campaign, Lopez promised to “pardon” criminal gangs. Then, in the most scandalous example of official collusion with the crime baron, the president himself ordered the release of “El Chapo”‘s son, Ovidio Guzmán.
Furthermore, in one of the worst signs the López government classed the crime, President “El Chapo” went to Badiraguato, Sinaloa, to congratulate the mother, the same one who would have financed AMLO’s presidential campaign.

4.—In an open betrayal of elementary democratic principles—which he promised to respect and implement on December 1, 2018—the president refused to attend the summit of the United States, arguing “strongly” that it Opposed the boycott of atrocities such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
The truth is that the continent’s ridiculous defense of dictators is nothing more than an excuse to pursue a delusional break with the United States government; A break that, in time to come, will be embraced by the tyrants whom Lopez defends today.

5.- In the scandal surrounding the collapse of Metro’s L-12, López reappears as the champion of defending the “scum” of his party and his government. Why?
Because the state has come to the rescue of those responsible for the crime, such as Palace guests Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard, Mario Delgado, Florencia Serrania and even Carlos Slim.
All, according to expert opinion contracted out by the federal and CDMX governments, had some degree of responsibility in the tragedy. However, and despite evidence of a state crime, Lopez prefers to overlap his potential successors and, once again, “Peppener,” the deadliest “scum” of the fourth alter.

6.- The extreme defense of the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, is nothing new; A true lack of a President who confirms daily that federal justice is determined by the Palace.
The prosecutor has been charged with abuse of authority, violating the Constitution and using his power to seek personal revenge, all alleged offenses that should land him in prison. However, the impunity is total as AMLO defends him without hesitation.

7.- And perhaps the greatest “scuff” of the deadly “scum” of power is the unshakable protection of the presidential family and the crooks of the President’s closest circle.
It is no news to anyone that despite the countless “yellow envelopes” of the Gray House, Bartlett’s houses and apartments, Irma Erendira Sandoval, and endless thefts, none of the AMLO’s offspring and faction are in prison.
And it is that the Mexican president has become the greatest defender of the “scum” of his government and the world and, without a doubt, for all these qualities, he will be in history.

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AMLO, savior of the “scum” of the world!

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