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AMLO responds to Fox for blaming AIFA for incident at AICM

Mexico.- President AMLO responds to Vicente Fox To allege that the incident at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) is the…

Mexico.- President AMLO responds to Vicente Fox To allege that the incident at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) is the fault of Felipe Angels International Airport due to the airspace (AIFA), for which the President also called the Pan Player.ridiculous,

Andres Manuel López Obrador, at La Maneira on May 9, 2022, denied that AICM event One is due to the problem of airspace redesign, rather it is “Resistance strongly encouraged by conservatism“, pointing to criticism by Vicente Fox and other members of the opposition.

AMLO displayed a Fox tweet In which the former President alleged that “Chaos is caused by AIFA“, to which the president replied that conservatives insist on questioning and criticizing “even if they get into the ridiculous”, to which he suggested “they should calm down”.

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“What is resistance strongly encouraged by conservatism, do they question everything even if they get ridiculed but i don’t know what’s wrong with them they should calm down, everything is fixed and there is something that is very important (…) What does the new airport have to do with it? In other words, it’s our eagerness for things to go wrong.” AMLO responds to Vicente Fox for his tweet about AIFA,

President López Obrador assured that AICM Air Operators Are “Very Good” And there is no risk to the planes when the two Volaris planes were to collide on the night of Saturday, May 7.

AMLO responded to Fox by blaming AIFA for the incident at AICM. Photo: Twitter Capture

He said there would be a meeting at the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) to address the airspace issue, as he acknowledged “there was a mistake” to which Victor Hernández, director of Airspace Navigation Services (SINM), resigned. ,

“There is a meeting in the interior to order the airspace, there is no intention to impress the airlines, we are doing everything on the basis of agreements. There was a disturbance, investigation is going on, the director resignedAMLO said.

In addition, he displayed a note from the newspaper remodeling There is no danger in the AICM, the title “Plane in Danger” to reiterate this fact, other than the fact that good people work in the aviation sector who do not wish for bad luck.

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,Air operators are very good and will understandThe same airlines, have already come to offer that they are going to take more flights from Felipe Angels airport (…) This is to tell the people that there is no danger, we are responsible and work in aviation. There are all employees, professional people, nice ones who don’t want misfortune,” AMLO emphasized.

about Airlines adding operations to AIFA, AMLO reported that by August Aeroméxico will increase the number of flights, so that by November or December they will have 36 flights from AIFA. “And the same is being done by Volaris and Viva Aerobus,” he said.