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Recalling the September 11, 2001 attacks when 4 hijacked planes by al-Qaeda crashed, two of them in New York, one…

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Recalling the September 11, 2001 attacks when 4 hijacked planes by al-Qaeda crashed, two of them in New York, one in Arlington, Virginia, and one in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, I began to extend a metaphor. In which we Mexicans find ourselves motionless on an airplane captained by López Obrador. In my imagination, I imagined the helplessness of the passengers of United Flight 93 when they were already informed via their cell phones by family and friends that two more planes had hit the Twin Towers and another hit the Pentagon. which also condemned the imminent death to all those in the case if they did not respond in time.

There were 40 people on board the plane bound for Pennsylvania, who were attacked and intimidated by four Muslim pirates armed with knives and explosives. Those who opposed his assassination plans would be beaten and stabbed by criminals wishing to die as a tribute to Allah. The passengers, in communication with each other, knew for certain that fate awaited them if they failed to quell the passengers’ suicide plans. Terrorists, religious fanatics. If they did respond to an attack, some of them would die, but if they sat down, resigned and remained submissive in the face of such danger, of the consequences of which they had been warned earlier, they would undoubtedly be completely destroyed. Will be to do?

Unaware that the captain and co-pilot had been slit and that the plane, piloted by a terrorist, was headed towards the Capitol, many of the passengers decided to riot and apparently with blows and clashes. managed to subdue the terrorists. Recording. , but probably, as they were about to break the cabin door, the plane suddenly turned and flew upside down according to the report of a Cessna aircraft captain, who also described how a United Boeing 757 fell, belly up, fell 900 at a speed of kilometers per hour. Needless to say, no one survived, but the attempt was made.

In analogy I try to compare the passengers of Flight 93 with us, civilians, who witness daily the destruction of republican institutions, the devastation of the economy, the creation of a new dictatorship, the extinction of our institutions and educational and health care. The expansion of poverty, whether or not the informal economy and organized crime and, however, inflicts considerable damage against the nation, does not affect the acceptance of AMLO. Are we nostalgic travelers who contemplate the proximity of a frightening destination as far as possible without organizing ourselves to prevent a new economic and, therefore, social disaster?

No, a significant portion of society already understood that nothing good could be expected from Q4 and, as the passengers of Flight 93 responded, they took measures to avoid a new and possible debacle. has started doing. Example? Last year the AMLO lost a qualified majority in the Congress of the Union, a resounding civic success that should be recognized. Although López Obrador won in 2018 with 30 million votes, he had already lost nearly 14 million voters after 3 years. Bravo, very brave. In the CDMX, the opposition won 9 out of 16 mayors, a terrible defeat for Sheinbaum. Another great civil victory. In the consultation to judge former presidents, only 7 million voters took part, the vast majority mocking up, without losing the fact that in the revocation of the mandate, 82% did not go on to vote, which is a great deal for the prime minister. It was a fair insult. Nation. plus? AMLO was unable to implement electricity reform, nor would it be able to implement electoral or educational reforms for the betterment of the country. Another bravo.

Passengers, voters of this country have already reacted regardless of the fact that AMLO, the captain, remains locked in the cabin, but with full republican honors we have to remove him in 2024, against his will. Instruments of democratic means called ballot boxes.