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AMLO doesn’t want US to investigate Morena’s drug smuggler

Mexico. – Journalist Annabel Hernández confirmed that the AMLO government is opposed to the United States investigating drug trafficking in…

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Mexico. – Journalist Annabel Hernández confirmed that the AMLO government is opposed to the United States investigating drug trafficking in Mexico because it seeks to protect politicians from Morena. Was allegedly involved in organized crime after the federal government disbanded an elite anti-narcotics unit trained by the DEA.

in interview with eighthAnnabel Hernandez, who has accused AMLO and Murray of doing this on multiple occasions “Agreement” with Norcobelieved that Closing of SIU unit in Mexico have a “really serious” background, because The refusal of the government of Mexico to cooperate with the United States in the fight against drug trafficking “consequences” in diplomatic affairs,

For the author of “The Traitor: The Secret Diary of the Son of Mayo”, the López Obrador government’s reluctance to cooperate with the United States is due to the fact that they want to maintain The “Dirty Laundry” of Morena Politicians Far from the “nose of gringos”.

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is questioning AMLO’s political speechone who argues defense of national sovereignty Against US interference, Annabel Hernández assures that through her investigation she has found that the real reason is that the Mexican government wants to cover up the Morenoites for possible links with drug trafficking.

,This non-cooperation of the Mexican government, this ‘leave our secrets, wash our dirty laundry’out our conversation, we don’t want gringo’s nose here‘It seems to me that although the political discourse is for national sovereignty, what I have been investigating for over a year is that it is for other reasons…”, he noted.

“Because There are things that the Mexican government does, that the politicians in Morena do and they don’t want anyone to poke their noses at“, assured the famous Mexican journalist.

The Mexican Anti-Narcotics Unit that cooperated with the closure DEA For 15 years, Hernandez clarified that it was always a “corrupt” entity, as it was made up of Mexican agents who leaked information to drug cartels. These are agents who belonged not only to now defunct corporations such as the PGR and the Federal Police, but also to the National Guard from AMLO’s six-year term.

,We must understand that this entity has always been corrupt, it is an entity made up of Mexican officials PGR corporations, federal police corporations, now at the beginning of this administration, elements of the National Guard, and this has always been a unit where the corruption of the cooperating Mexican officers who obtained this privileged information and later became drug addicts Went with substance smugglers as swindlers,” he said.

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Since the 2021 elections, Anabel Hernández has accused the government of López Obrador of “compromising” with drug traffickers in states whose governors were won by Murray, in order to “pacify” the violence in Mexico and reduce To be.

The author of “The Drug Lords” then explained that the treaty would aim to reduce intentional homicides and other crimes in the states where Murray won, in return for federal and local governments turning a blind eye to drug trafficking. ,