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AMLO denies order to limit flights in AICM

Mexico.- PresidentE AMLO denies that it draws up a decree limiting flights at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and transfer…

Mexico.- PresidentE AMLO denies that it draws up a decree limiting flights at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and transfer them to Felipe Angels International Airport (AIFA), negating statements on the subject of Lily Tellez and other members of the opposition.

This Monday, May 9, 2022, in La Mannera, President Andres Manuel López Obrador recalled that various national media announced that his government would issue a decree limiting the number of operations per hour. AICMwith the purpose of Transfer flights to AIFA,

“They had already told, of course remodeling, universalThe media that don’t want us, who aren’t, that I was about to sign a decree to force them to go to Felipe Angels airport,” the president said.

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The president said that, like the media, members of the opposition were quick to criticize him for the alleged decree in favor of AIFA, as did Pan Senator Lily Tellez, Xóchitl Galvez and Kenya Lopez Rabadani, was added to Event at AICM Where the two Volaris planes were due to collide due to an alleged redesign of the airspace, which was also denied by AMLO.

“Everyone in the organization, as a circle, with the same thing, then a situation of this nature arises and it becomes very large, so the order must be, There is going to be a meeting of the government today regarding this.“, Development.

What did Lily Tellez say about AMLO’s “decree”?

It should be remembered that during the last week Panista Lily TellezGálvez and López Rabadan criticized AMLO’s alleged decree to increase flights at AIFA by reducing flights at AICM, as they claimed the president was forcing his new airport to succeed “in bad ways”. wanted.

Telles, who believe AIFA AMLO . of “fad”Accused the President of resorting to the decree in the face of the “reality” of the “failure” of the Santa Lucia airport, confirming the existence of such a decree without a Presidency.

“We’re with the hypocrites because the president has fists on the table, just like that, They have just ordered Mexico City airport operations to go down and are going to order them to go upNobody wants to go to the new airport, and it will be because they feel that way,” criticized the MLA.

“The President was struck by the reality, Felipe Engels Airport Failure And he believes that with a decree, with his signature and his paper, he believes, in a bad way, forcing it to succeed and it is not,” he told AMLO. stressed against.

Lili Telez reprimanded President López Obrador that “it’s not worth it” that “because of his brilliant victory” he forces the Mexican to fly from AIFA instead of going to AICM.

As shown by the media, the order of AMLO will reduce the per hour arrivals and departures in AICM from 61 to 50, i.e. it will eliminate 11 operations per hour which will be transferred to AIFA.

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However, the President of Mexico on 9 May rejected the existence of such a decree, and even assured that several airlines have offered to add AIFA flights for the coming months, including Aeromexico. , Volaris and Viva Aerobus, in addition to the fact that there will be a meeting in Segob to resolve the issue.

“The air operators are very good and there would be an understanding, the same airlines have already offered that they will have more flights from Felipe Angeles airport,” the president said.