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AMLO and Raul Castro meet in private

Cuba.- President López Obrador ceases his diplomatic activities a meeting It was not part of the President’s agenda on Cuban…

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Cuba.- President López Obrador ceases his diplomatic activities a meeting It was not part of the President’s agenda on Cuban soil. was with the meeting Raul Castro And this . was from personal character,

Amlo After starring alongside Diaz Canel in two acts at the Palace of the Revolution and the Plaza de la Revolución, decorated with a José Marti order, he accompanied Ral to his appointment.

To date, the governments of the two countries have not released photographic or audio-visual material from the meeting between AMLO and Raul Castro.

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After meeting with Ral Castro, AMLO left for Jose Martí International Airport to take a commercial flight to Mexico City at 10:45 (Havana time).

Raul Castro is leading Cuba for life

Raul Castro is a survivor and one of the outstanding leaders Cuban Revolution, with my brother, fidelCame to power in 1959. From then on, Fidel would command Cuba, retiring shortly before his death. Not without giving full power to Raoul first. It was thus that in 2008 Ral Modesto Castro Ruz assumed the post of maximum president of the Caribbean island, a position he would hold until 2018. it is since then that the power falls Miguel Diaz Canel, Raul jointly took the reins of the country with the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Cuba (PPC), a position he would not relinquish until 2021.

Upon leaving the presidency in 2018, the Cuban people made their first president in 60 years as their maximum leader, not from the revolution or the Castro family. Nearing the age of 91, Ral is still present at public events commemorating the revolution or the cause of the workers. Ral’s last public appearance is on 1 May of the current year as part of the celebrations. labour day.

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