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American was arrested after being named a spy by Russia

Ukraine. – A young American from Ukraine and his family survived after war crimes Being illegally detained by the Russian…

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Ukraine. – A young American from Ukraine and his family survived after war crimes Being illegally detained by the Russian military,

After weeks of talks about unexpected rescues in Ukraine, a 27-year-old Michigan native was safely reunited with her American family in Poland. falsely accused of espionage and illegally held captive by the Russian military in eastern Ukraine for more than a month.

Kirillo Alexandrov, was falsely accused of espionage and illegally detained With his Ukrainian wife and mother-in-law for the Russian Military Security Service.

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This is the first victim during the war between Ukraine and Russia and after the successful operation of Rescue by Dynamo ProjectAlexandrov and his family were released.

Last Monday, after weeks of planning, Project Dynamo launched the rescue of Alexandrov and his family from Russian captivity.

Alexandrov and his family had to Successfully passed through more than 20 Russian checkpoints In a safe place near the disputed neighborhood of Kherson, Ukraine.

After spending a night in a safe house, they move to a discreet location where they are met by a Project Dynamo exfiltration team backed by an armed Ukrainian security expansion.

He was finally released / Photo: Special

Dynamo Project is a non-profit organization The Florida-based, donor-funded group that has been operating across Ukraine since early February and is in talks for Alexandrov’s release since early April.

In late March, while trying to evacuate his home near Kherson, Ukraine, more than 100 kilometers from the front lines and completely controlled by Russian forces, Alexandrov and his family were captured by the military and Russian security services. Was taken, detained and falsely accused. 11 of the fabricated crimes involving alleged espionage and espionage on behalf of the US government.

According to Alexandrov, Russian soldiers violently attacked his wife, handcuffed her, beat her several times, and staged fake executions, which were a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions and a violation of basic professional military honor and human dignity.

Alexandrov was detained by the Russian army / Photo: Exclusive

Alexandrov and Project Dynamo are now in talks with the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and the US Department of State, Justice and Defense. In connection with the abuse of Alexandrov and his family He suffered while in the custody of the Russian military and several security services.

“We have heard reports of war crimes in the media. We have met many victims and witnesses of these atrocities through other campaigns here. But hearing these direct accounts from a US citizen and his family and finding out that these What forces are bothering me,” said rescue mission leader Brian Stern, co-founder of Project Dynamo and a US Army and Navy combat veteran.

Project Dynamo was first informed of the situation by Alexandrov’s mother, who approached her for help.

After realizing the gravity and urgency of the situation, and the fact that Alexandrov was an American, representatives immediately notified the appropriate government agencies.

Alexandrov’s mother, Gloria, was contacted and met by the FBI, who was already aware of Project Dynamo’s efforts.

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American was arrested after being named a spy by Russia

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