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“Always have a bad impression of the authorities”: SSP of Sinaloa

Sinaloa. – “Fortunately, within the survey, the State Preventive Police itself turned out to be slightly better than the Municipal…

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Sinaloa. – “Fortunately, within the survey, the State Preventive Police itself turned out to be slightly better than the Municipal Police,” commented Cristóbal Castaneda Camarillo, Secretary of Public Security, in response to a survey conducted by this publishing house, to the debate about Citizens’ distrust of police actionego municipalities and states.


The head of the Sinaloa SSP also remarked that his aim in this new administration is to improve the state of trust in public safety officials.

The high command recognized that they are on the right track and only those complaints that have been filed with the State Human Rights Commission about the percentage of activities and actions that we do on a daily basis, Percentage of reports or complaints of alleged human rights violations is from .03 percent.

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“In other words, we do hundreds of activities per month, and so far this year we have received one or two complaints for alleged abuses and most of them have not come from recommendations,” said Cristóbal Castaneda Camarillo.

He also emphasized that it is a 24-hour effort and work and that they are in the process of professionalizing the elements, stressing that they already have a police university.


for its part, argument released a survey where civilians said they were part of threats and intimidation by security forces. Opinions of participants in this research work reflect a persistent concern.
The public security secretariat of the municipalities most disapproved turned out to be, because when citizens were asked for a rating of 1 to 10, it was barely enough for 2.5.

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A journalistic record has been set in Kuliakan in the first days of this year. He himself, Oscar Loza, in charge of the Human Rights Commission in Sinaloa, advised a street vendor who had reported being beaten up by the police, and had his goods removed, and as if that was not enough, put him for 12 hours. was arrested. ,

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police in preparation

The SSP chief stressed that there is a demand for professionalization of police officers in the police unit for a better security body.

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“Always have a bad impression of the authorities”: SSP of Sinaloa

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