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Alicia Cervantes and what she lacks in Chivas to achieve

Alice Cervantes She has become one of the most effective and forceful players for Chivas del Guadalajara in the Liga…

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Alice Cervantes She has become one of the most effective and forceful players for Chivas del Guadalajara in the Liga MX Femenil, where she has achieved a lot of interesting things since her arrival from Raidos de Monterrey.

In this Clausura 2022, the striker established himself as the scoring champion with 14 goals and coincidentally secured his two-time championship in this department as well in the final event.

is the championship for outstanding debt female chivas, Only in the last competition did they fall painfully against America in the quarterfinals, where “Predator” was present only with a goal in the first leg which ended 1–2 against.

Now that the Guadalajara striker will eventually try to secure a championship in the ranks of the holy flock early in his professional career, the problem will be facing Tigres de la Uenl, the most successful team in the Liga MX Feminil since its creation.

Carries “Leecha” 66 goals Has worn red and white in 69 games and hopes to win his first title with the team in the fourth tournament the club has played.

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Alicia Cervantes scored two goals in the quarterfinal key against Pumas de la UNAM, reaching seven goals in Liguilla throughout her professional career in the Liga MX Femenil.

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