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Alfredo Talavera denies Puma about renewal offer

Through a statement this Friday, UNAM Pumas announced the departure of alfredo talavera The institution cries at the end of…

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Through a statement this Friday, UNAM Pumas announced the departure of alfredo talavera The institution cries at the end of its participation in the tournament Mexico’s 2022 finale MX League After it did not reach an agreement on the renewal of his contract.

loss puma dress In his statement he stated that Talavera had been given various offers to renew his contract and remain at the institution, to ensure a 2-year contract and a pay increase which was declined by the goalkeeper, however, the goalkeeper. refused such an offer. Liga MX University Institute.

hours later puma dress He publicized aspects of his goalkeeping officer’s departure as well as the contract offer he had made, with Talavera issuing a statement denying such an offer by the club, assuring that it was only an attempt by the board to negotiate. He was not like him as mentioned in his statement.

The Pumas of Alfredo Talavera/@1AlfredoTala. statement on departure from

“I would like to clarify that since December 2021, I have without success contacted the board to negotiate my continuation in the team, having received the first and only renewal offer by February 2022,” Alfredo wrote in a statement.

in a statement issued by alfredo talavera Let me make it clear that the proposal you are referring to puma dress This was not done, otherwise he would have remained at the club for the following tournaments in Liga MX.

“Over time and being in the same position, I received serious offers from other teams and never responded until I had defined my position with the club. So a few days ago I made a decision, Based on the fact that as of May 10 there was no specific offer, clarifying that if this proposal was mentioned, it would remain without a doubt in this institution.

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alfredo talavera He became a benchmark for Puma, playing 14 games during the Gritta México Clausura 2022 tournament. MX League, Adding 1,260 minutes played. The Mexican goalkeeper arrives at the field in July 2020 from Toluca playing 69 games with UNAM between the local tournament and the CONCACAF Champions League.

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Alfredo Talavera denies Puma about renewal offer

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