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Alfredo seeks revenge for the defeat of Adam “Canelo” Alvarez

Mexico. Alfredo Adam could face Bivole in the ring and thus “avenge” the defeat of Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez, is…

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Mexico. Alfredo Adam could face Bivole in the ring and thus “avenge” the defeat of Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez, is shared on various news portals.

alfredo adame “Approved” to fight against Bivolo instead of “El Canelo”. From the unofficial Instagram account of the famous actor and host who participated in the reality show I’m Famous…Get me out of here!.

The account features a photo of @adamelfredoreacciona Alfredo Adam with the text: “I laugh, bring me Russian”, and while the followers of the said account support the actor, there are people who laugh and others inspire him.

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This weekend saw a fight between Sal “El Canelo” Alvarez and Russian Dimitri Bivole, where the latter was the winner and hundreds of memes flooded the social network, Beyond that, he didn’t lack for anything related to Alfredo Adam.

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In the above account it is mentioned that Alfredo Adem would prepare to defend the Mexican boxer and face Bivol in the ring, this would be after leaving the Azteca television reality show in which he participates and in which Atala Sarmiento and Horacio Villalobos lead. We do.

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