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Alejandro Fernandez and Vicente Jr congratulate Donna Cuquita

Mexico. Singer and brothers Alejandro Fernandez and Vicente Jr. Dedicate a special congratulation to Donna Cuquita, her mother, Share this…

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Mexico. Singer and brothers Alejandro Fernandez and Vicente Jr. Dedicate a special congratulation to Donna Cuquita, her mother, Share this on Instagram on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Alejandro Fernandez and Vicente Fernandez Jr congratulate their lovely mother, Who was widowed last December after losing her husband, singer Vicente Fernandez, and they express a tender message on the occasion of 10 May.

“There are no perfect moms, only real ones. Those who laugh, play, create, support, create, lose patience, fight, get tired and the next day they are again with more love.” Tries to do everything. Thank you for being present, being and being mom”, writes Vincent Jr.

Alejandro, for his part, also tells Donna Cuquita on Instagram that he and his brothers will love her forever: “There is nothing that a mother’s love will not replace, remove, or repair. We will always love you, Cuquis. Sometimes in good times, sometimes in bad… we are all indebted to you. Have a nice day everyone.”

The Fernandez family is always happy to celebrate any occasion, be it the birthdays of the family members or any other date, they always make it public on their social networks.

When Donna Cuquita has a birthday, her children always publish how they spent it, and when Don Vicente Fernandez was alive, the same thing happened; Fernandez has always been united on special dates And music and mariachi have never been absent.

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Now, on the occasion of 10th May, Alejandro Fernandez and Vicente Jr. are proud of their mother, who is always smiling and loves to share aspects of her personal life with her fans.

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