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Alejandra and her mother search for their missing brother in Mazatlán

Sinaloa. – In July 2020, Ismail Alejandro Martínez Carriageless Disappeared In Mazatlan. since, Her Sister Alejandra Martínez Carriless and Her…

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Sinaloa. – In July 2020, Ismail Alejandro Martínez Carriageless Disappeared In Mazatlan. since, Her Sister Alejandra Martínez Carriless and Her MotherMarisella Carriless, They started looking for him.

From the month of August 2020 Formed the collective “For Voices Without Justice”, With the aim of supporting more families who live in the same situation as them and have nowhere to go. The worker assured that they would not stop fighting till all had disappeared.

When was your love for activism born?

It was born as a result of the disappearance of my brother on July 12, 2020. We started looking for him from day one and from August we formed the group Por las Voces sin Justicia. As time passed, mothers, sisters, cousins ​​and sisters joined in. Our group consists of 25 families from Mazatlán, Elota and El Rosario.

What did your brother do?

He was a pilot. He had just graduated. He was just going to do his flight hours. The pandemic passed and his flight hours came to a halt. He devoted himself to selling all types of motors until about 02:30 on 12 July, three motorcycles with seven men took him out of the vehicle on Del Obrero Street in the 12 de Mayo neighborhood. We haven’t heard from him since.
There is no one who has called to tell us “we saw her here”, absolutely nothing.
My brother was very happy. As my mom says, she was the joy of the house. She was my mother’s life.

What is the hardest part of this process?

It’s been very difficult for us because we didn’t know anything, or how to go out and find it. Unfortunately, you never expect this to happen to you.

We have always been alone in this whole process, we have not got any help from anyone. We got help from victim support until we formed the group, but always expect more from them, that they give you more attention, that they guide you on your behalf because we don’t know.

The most difficult thing for me is the absence of my brother, as is the case with peers. I think the pain that mothers go through cannot be compared. The most complicated thing is to look for them, and practically we do research alone in the mountains, with people who come to you (by the way); Nobody expects this. We have found bodies here in Mazatlan, one; Remains and we have support in Sonora as well.

What is your goal through this organization?

The aim is to grow the group, and include more families, to help them with all the investigations, because we know we are the ones who do the investigations, such as in field searches. We want that what was not done for my brother should be done for everyone.

Have you traveled to Mexico City, have you received any favorable feedback?

We went to Mexico City on 12 July 2021. A few days ago we sold water on cruise ships.

We wanted to go to the offices of the FGR so that they pay attention to the prosecutor’s office here in the South Zone, to see that they don’t work, if we’re not going to investigate, they don’t do it; is abused, revival takes place.

As of now we are waiting for them to hear from us. We are waiting for him to come, as he promised. Furthermore, they would check the folders, and so far, nothing.
Here’s What the Prosecutor’s Office Needs Sympathy to the families of the victims.

What has been one of the most important anecdotes through your activism and your collectivism?

There is no doubt the story of a young man from Oaxaca. It was very difficult for us to find his family. We publish it through the social network with the help of another page, which is “Personas Desaparecidas en Mazatlan”, from which we have a lot of communication with them; He published it and we finally managed to find his family.

We spent days walking the boy, bringing him food, until his family was able to move to Mazatlán and they took him. This young man was on the search card, he was on the street, in the Del Bosque subdivision.

Will you continue your activism?

Of course, when I find my brother, I still feel like I’m going to keep going, and so will my mom. We will continue till the disappearances are over. Within our pain, it is so satisfying to help more people.

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Alejandra Martinez Carriage, activist

*Full name: Alejandra Martinez Carriageless
*Birthplace: Mazatlan Sinaloa
*Career: For more than a year he leads the Collective for Voices Without Justice, supporting over 2o families, visiting FGR facilities in Mexico City and seeking justice for people who have disappeared across Sinaloa demanded.
Medical student, in tenth semester.

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Alejandra and her mother search for their missing brother in Mazatlán

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