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Aleida Hernandez recommends educating children in feminism

Mexico. What kind of men will the children we are educating today be? In terms of Domestic violence and murder…

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Mexico. What kind of men will the children we are educating today be? In terms of Domestic violence and murder is on the rise, doctor of law Aleida Hernandez, researcher and educator UNAM shows the urgent need to build new masculinity from childhood; Because she sees that while the feminist movement has been embraced by a new generation of girls and youth, boys are being left behind.

Hernandez published the book Close to sympathy, away from violence, letter to my sonas a guide to Feminist Training for BoysBut it can also be a tool for fathers, mothers, teachers, and also for government institutions.

The book consists of 10 short texts that Alida addresses to her son Livar where she addresses issues such as the relationship between men and women, the importance of listening, respect for one’s own body and respect for others, the importance that men have. They also express their feelings, as well as assisting with household chores, among other subjects.

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Young women are living the feminist movement around the world and men seem to be left behind

All in all, I thought we were educating newly empowered women, as they say in many places, I like to say autonomous, self-confident women, women in search of their dreams, but those who support them. Who will the men be the women? No, it’s that you also have to train in a different way, what remains is to strengthen your self-esteem and if you want to be a couple, in a healthy coexistence, free from both sides as a single Support the other.

I think we can do that as a starting point Younger children, future men, men who don’t want to control women’s lives, But that they accompany them in their own life project and they in their own life project, then they meet. An encounter where the existence of one should not oppress the existence of the other.

In the book you talk about how men relate to other men. It’s a letter from the kids and you, but how do you tell a child “don’t obey the patriarchal pact”? It is a social alliance between men, where they believe it is okay to commit violence against women and against other men as well; Murders, trials, beatings, harassment, sexual violence, that’s going to be evident between the nexus between men. It is important that children from a young age be aware of the saying “No, I will not participate in the agreements or forms of sociability that are taught by adult men and women.”

What projects can be obtained from the book?

He has been telling me in the various secretariats of women in the country and teachers, teachers that a workshop can be done from this book; working on aspects such as educating boys and girls differently, especially boys, away from sexist violence, without emphasizing them “don’t be violent” but what other ways, how to respect other people , listening through, having another relationship with other children, among others.
I would like the Ministry of Public Education to accept it as its own. There should be social utility of this text.

On another topic, how are we in Mexico in times of better balance for family care?

Much remains to be done as there is still a very remarkable sexual division of labour, males in the field of production, females in the field of reproduction.

There is not enough legislation in this regard, there is a proposal in the Congress of the Union for the National Care System; This would be an impulse from state and public policies, however, I also believe that from companies, employers should incorporate care policies.

The right to childcare for working men should be more included so that the state and law do not assume that only women have the right as we reinforce the role that women take to exclusively care for sons and daughters.

In Nordic countries they have paternity leave of six months to two years, fully paid, is another socioeconomic reality.

Regarding the social idealization surrounding motherhood, Aleida Hernandez remarked that society cannot continue to demand that mothers give up everything.

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With regard to the way these kinds of views are elevated in Mexican society, she declares, “We don’t give them the space to be who they want to be,” and then these women are told that Not to have a life of their own, but to give to their children, their partner, their parents. The book can be purchased digitally from Bonilla Artigas Publishing House.


aleida hernandez
UNAM researchers
*Full name: Aleda Hernandez Cervantes
*Birthplace: Culiacan, Sinaloa
*Career: Doctor of Law from UNAM with honorable mention. He belongs to National System of Researchers Level I. She is a full-time researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Sciences and Humanities and Professor of Postgraduate Studies at UNAM Law School. ,

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