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AIFA, a “big mistake”, says deputy Margarita Zavala

margarita zavalaThe wife of former President Felipe Calderon argued that the building Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), as a measure…

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margarita zavalaThe wife of former President Felipe Calderon argued that the building Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), as a measure to solve Benito Juárez’s saturation in Mexico City, was a major mistake.

Through his social network, the former presidential candidate, now a federal deputy, mentioned air incidents in the Valley of Mexico and the metropolitan area’s airspace.

“Thank you for this column on air phenomena. This is a sober approach to reality and a big mistake in metropolitan area airspace,” the legislator said of a journalistic column on his social network, “a dangerous sky or failure. “In the design of the airfield of the Valley of Mexico”.

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The authors of the journalistic work point out that there is a true dual tragedy, namely, that Felipe ngeles is not limited to expanding the congested airspace of the great Mexican metropolis, and also magnifies the risks.

In both cases they refer to incidents reported over the weekend. Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airportor (AICM), which included the Volaris aircraft.

“Yes, over this six-year period, the arrival and departure of aircraft in and around CDMX were redesigned so that AIFA flights do not interfere with (some) flights to AICM and Toluca Airport. However, today Santa It is necessary to forget Lucia and return to the plan that existed before. The error is of that size,” says the author.

By the way, President Andres Manuel López Obrador announced that this Monday there will be a meeting at the Interior Ministry to discuss the issue and order the airspace of the Valley of Mexico and acknowledge the incident AICM,

Margarita Zavala and Sheinbaum

Margarita Zavala has been a frequent critic of López Obrador and the Fourth Transformation, as well as the head of the government of Claudia Sheinbaum in the nation’s capital, Mexico City.

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Regarding the head of government, this Monday he referred to the case of a third opinion on the collapse of a section of the DNV company. Mexico City Metro’s Line 12Anyone who claims to be made public.

“We are facing Claudia Sheinbaum in anger because the independent company’s report was in fact ‘independent’ and professional and therefore did not explain what she intended to say,” the deputy said.

“Now, in an irresponsible manner, the head of government not only ignores the report, not only initiates the termination of the contract, but disqualifies it, conceals, conceals and – as if it were sufficient Didn’t – declares a criminal complaint against the people they manage and are responsible for the DNV company. Can you imagine the faces of the people who run it?”