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Ahom mayor cannot influence policeman’s case

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – There is a total opening to receive municipal police Hear Dignora Valdez López and her case;…

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Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – There is a total opening to receive municipal police Hear Dignora Valdez López and her case; still, The figure of the Municipal President has no interference or power to influence any decision that It is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the Commission of Honor and JusticeGerardo Vargas Landros said.

Mayor of Ahom said Complaint of harassment filed by agent Against the commanders of the Ministry of Public Security and Civil Protection, affirming that there is a commitment to respect and claim the rights of women, especially in this case.

“I declare the doors open for this municipal president to serve him and all those government officials who have felt saddened by any public servant or society. They have brought me official, if request that I draw up the matter, which is an issue which I cannot do as it is beyond my powers as a public servant, the commission is responsible and that is the law established. does,” he said.

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Likewise, he remarked that according to the information sent to him, Valdez López has already been assisted by the Women’s Secretariat, Trustee Cecilia Hernández Flores, the Public Security Secretary himself, Julio Cesar Romanillo and Councilor Ofelia Rodriguez. . , who is the chairman of the City Council’s Equity and Gender Commission.

“Everyone has attended that, if I haven’t participated in that it’s because no interviews with me have requested it, that is, if I want to make it clear, I want to be very emphatic, I’ve tried women I am not going to do it from any angle that the law does not allow me to do so gives”, he insisted.

In this sense, he invited her to meet him personally through EL Debate on the day and time that the agent considers to analyze the issue and seek alternative solutions, which he said was one such There is a matter which is not related to his administration, i.e., this struggle has been going on from his side for many years.

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“I also have reports that there are other policemen who have complained about her, they have distanced themselves because they say that she speaks on their behalf, I think it is not an issue that we have to mediate. I should settle, but if he wants, I don’t mind but this is the legal part that has to be taken care of which is very clear, but I reiterate my desire to fix it.