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AFAC defends “goes in the air”; they are safe maneuvers

maneuverida al aire“Any airport, in addition to being general, is considered the safest to land at and is the best…

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maneuverida al aire“Any airport, in addition to being general, is considered the safest to land at and is the best decision that a pilot and/or a controller can make”, which the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (FIA)AFAC,

Through a statement, the bodies of the Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Secretariat (SICT) defended the measure used by the pilot of the flight 762 am from Aeromexicofrom Bogota, Colombiaand which at the last minute aborted the landing due to the presence of another aircraft on runway 05 (05R,

He said the maneuver applied both with the Aeromexico flight in the incident on Tuesday, and on Saturday, when an aircraft took off. Volaris Made a “missed approach” after looking left on runway 05 (05li) about to fly on another aircraft of the same airline.

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Similarly, AFAC stated that the said maneuver, known as go-around, missed approach or missed approach, is applicable and is the best option in the following scenarios:

  • An aircraft that landed did not clear the runway in use
  • One plane is about to take off but is not authorized to take off, and another is approaching the runway (one on Saturday)
  • An aircraft or vehicle crosses, invades, or obstructs the runway
  • weather and/or visibility conditions
  • sudden change in wind intensity
  • Power failure on the runway or at airport facilities
  • Abnormal condition in aircraft operating system
  • Tremors or earthquakes that require a review of the track’s carpet
  • Any other emergent or unforeseen situation that requires the crew to be “in the air”

They go all out to reassure users

Whereas, as Aeroméxico and Cervicios a la Navagción did in Mexican airspace (senia) during the afternoon, AFAC reiterated that the federal government guarantees that flights at the country’s terminals, particularly at Mexico City International Airport (AICM), “with the strictest conditions of safety, security, care and attention to passengers”.

Similarly, during the day the Trade Union Association of Aviator Pilots of Mexico (blade) highlighted that air travel is completely normal and carried out every day at all airports in the world, posing no risk to crew and passengers.

However, after the two incidents emerged, users on the social network reported more about the lack of synchronization between operations such as landing and takeoff, than the fact that a pilot would have to abort the landing, especially in aerial incidents. after growth. Space redesign in the Valley of Mexico, with the entry into operation of Felipe ngeles International Airport (AIFA,

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At the same time, following the incident on Saturday, airlines, organizations and the federal government agreed to move a number of flights from AICM to AIFA, in order to decongest the capital’s airport, which currently operates at 61 per hour. Lasts till ,

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AFAC defends “goes in the air”; they are safe maneuvers

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