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Aeroméxico denies risk of “going on air” on Wednesday

a flight from this tuesday bogotaColombia had to “go-around” because an aircraft that had landed earlier was late in clearing…

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a flight from this tuesday bogotaColombia had to “go-around” because an aircraft that had landed earlier was late in clearing the runway at AICM, endangering the passengers of both flights without incident, it said. Aeromexico,

Via its Twitter account, the Mexican airline specified the measure with which it halts landings at the last minute to re-raise, which was undertaken by AM Flight 762 This was done because the runway was still occupied, and in accordance with national and international security protocols.

Whereas, according to flight information, AM 762, which departed Colombia At 3:45 p.m., he finally landed at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) after taking off five minutes earlier from El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, approximately 10 minutes before its estimated arrival time at 8:50.

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Similarly, through its social network navigation services in Mexican airspace (senia) stressed that the “Go to Air” directive for Aeromexico aircraft “does not represent any risk to the aircraft”, and reiterated that “this is a normal procedure in aviation and guarantees safety in operation.” “

He also noted that the diversion of the AM762 was due, as Aeromexico said, to the fact that U.A. flight 821from United Airlines from San FranciscoCalifornia, authorized runway O5 right (05R) AICM, while flight information highlights that it arrived 50 minutes later than expected after a late takeoff from the United States.

While the incident occurred exactly four days after last Saturday’s incident, when two Volaris planes were about to collide, one was about to land on runway 05 left (05li), at the time when the second plane was about to take off, due to which the operations of flights starting in August started from AICM. AIFA (Felipe Angeles International Airport).

One more in AICM

On the other hand, this Tuesday night, AICM took to Twitter to inform about the separation of a tempered glass gate in the corridor. terminal 1 with him aerotrainFor which he attributed the vibrations in the structure of the bridge to the passing of heavy vehicles. Captain Carlos Leon Avenuewhich provides access from the internal circuit to the gate region of T1.

He said the vibrations would have moved the glass as well as made contact with a surrounding support, the friction of which caused the glass to separate.

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Meanwhile, the area was sealed off and the rest of the bridge’s gates were reviewed to avoid another such case after the capital’s airport security and civil defense personnel denied damage to the injured and the structure. Went.

Volaris aircraft record incident at AICM; manages to distract before a landing

Aeroméxico denies risk of “going on air” on Wednesday

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