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addition and subtraction

Some should be left to scrub and some not to be left. So is the popular saying. I don’t know…

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Some should be left to scrub and some not to be left. So is the popular saying. I don’t know how widely it is used in the country. In the Sierra de Sinaloa it is the empirical mantra with which people interpret life situations. Injustice, misfortune, misunderstanding, arbitrary actions of those who abuse power. Everything is summed up in that phrase of life.

Addition and subtraction began in Sinaloa. Political enthusiasm will be at its peak. Rubén Rocha Moya continues to mark the pace of politics. of the forms and funds of his six-year term. Some argue that it has an open front. Others who are paving their way. “One ink is worth more than many red inks.”

The President of Sinalone knows that Morena is crowded. Hosts that serve only their interests. They hang from the center and try to leave the customs office which represents the third floor of the government palace. He knows they are undisciplined and he knows they will not be loyal to him. He has thrown bait at them and in all cases they have taken the bait.

Mazatlán’s Guillermo Benítez enjoys the carnival. Today he is calm. The mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferrero, is on the cusp. He resorted to the legal framework that led to impeachment. It seems that the conflict has subsided and Estrada will enter the fold. SNTE 27 took advantage of the cheap grid. He did not run the Under Secretary of Education and also called off the strike. Today they travel in peace.

Thickest fish. Hector Melecio Cuen resorted to a political double game. He thought he might be in the cabinet and play the governor crooked. Announcements, events of the Cinalones party, PAS representatives working against Rocha. How wrong was that? His ambition won him over. Gaurav conquers him. It claimed to be the largest local party in the country. Today, deputies, mayors and political representation are destroyed. He claimed a co-government, he was never a secretary of state under the governor.

Today Héctor Melesio Cuén leaves through the back door. He defied Rocha’s order to withdraw the cases against the journalists. In a historic moment in which more journalists are being killed in Mexico. That time when a reputable Sinaloa columnist was cleverly murdered. How did you choose Pride? As a result, he was removed from office.

His move would be to blame the governor and impose the victim’s story. In reality, Rocha Moya leads the way. Performs addition and subtraction. Gather a list of allies and enemies. Not today, forever. Now it exposes them. It is visible to know where the attacks will be from. The president is smart. He dropped the hook and they cut him.

So it is. Some to be cleaned and others not to be left

addition and subtraction

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