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Actress Aleida Nunezu’s swimsuit collection

soap opera actress aleida nunezu sigh among his thousands of followers amazing body, The 41-year-old singer also knows how to…

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soap opera actress aleida nunezu sigh among his thousands of followers amazing body, The 41-year-old singer also knows how to stir up social networks and raise the temperature: Just post a provocative photo or video showing her anatomical physique, which sparks envy among the goddesses of Olympus herself. will produce

In one of his recent posts to stories on his Instagram account, Aleida Núñez posted a picture wearing a revealing fuchsia pink swimsuitShowing off her qualities, her charming curves and her wasp waist, look most attractive and confident,

After a week of hard work, between the recording of the telenovela “Corazón Guerrero” and her musical performance, the beautiful and pagan woman, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco State, Mexico, set out to tan and recharge her figure. Took a moment to rest. For another work week.

“Afternoon sun”, he expressed in his post, which he accompanied by “La Vie en Rose” (“Life in Pink”), the signature song of French singer Edith Piaf.

Aleida Nñez models a swimsuit from her collection.

On the other hand, it was found that Alida Nunez is in a new love affair With a cameraman named David Gonzalez, 39, who would have started shortly after Her affair with American oil millionaire Bubba Salisbury ended10 years older than him.

An alleged close friend of Aleida told TVNotas that she met David late last year; They were introduced by mutual friends, “and the chemistry between them was instant, so much so that David started asking her out.” However, she was avoiding him at the time, as she was dating Bubba Soulsbury, “and didn’t want to make a fuss about it.”

Obviously, although David is having a great time, I’d get one but: He’s a cameraman and can’t give him the standard of living he’s accustomed to, “She is very special and always seeks an explanation for her valor; she is a cameraman and although she does not live badly, she does not earn enough to pay for the places where Alida likes to go.” She’s not sure about starting a relationship with someone I can’t give her the standard of living she was used to, and what a shame, because he totally loves Alida is.”

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So far, the actress has not commented on her new love affair, as well as what was published by the aforementioned magazine.

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