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Academy already has a start date, judges and drivers

Mexico. The Academy already has a start date, as well as the judges and conductors confirmed, This is to celebrate…

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Mexico. The Academy already has a start date, as well as the judges and conductors confirmed, This is to celebrate 20 years since the release of the reality show on television Azteca.

It has been shared in the television program Ventanendo that The Academy has already shortlisted the cast who will participate in the reality show Which many fans are desperate to see.

Lolita Cortés and Arturo López Gavito return as judges for the singing reality show, singer Ana Barbara and journalist Horacio Villalobos will also be part of the judging team.

Adele Ramones will be the lead conductor and the beautiful Vanessa Claudio will accompany her on stage every night; Alexander Acha, singer-songwriter and son of Emmanuel, will serve as director of La Academia, and Alex Syntec will be the students’ mentor.

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The names of those who worked as teachers are currently unknown, But at Ventando they say that they will reveal it in their broadcast as soon as possible. The casting dates have been confirmed on the official Instagram account of La Academia, the reality show that promises emotions from its viewers.

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