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A severe shortage of baby milk shook the United States: “It’s terrible to be like this in 2022”

The baby bottle crisis is rife in the United States. New York declared a state of emergency last Sunday due…

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The baby bottle crisis is rife in the United States. New York declared a state of emergency last Sunday due to an unprecedented shortage of powdered milk. The stain has spread across the United States, and finding a can of powdered formula has become completely impossible.

Supply problems and an investigation into the main producer, Abbott – accused of selling contaminated products – have condemned American families to shortages of milk used to feed babies.

City Mayor Eric Adams estimates that more than 40% of retailers have run out of stock. Supply has plummeted, and many US companies see the infant formula crisis as their opportunity to raise prices. Earlier there was very little product at very high price, now not even that. “today morning We’ve exhausted what we had», confesses Marisa, an engineer who has lived in Houston for decades. Marisa assured in statements to El Debate that doctors have started distributing sample envelopes that companies are sending them.

We can’t replace it with cow’s milkMarisa, Madre (Houston)

This problem has been on the streets of America for months. “My brother works at Walmart (supermarket) and he sounded the alarm,” says Natalia, a Texas mom. “We buy three to four cans every two weeks. In one of them we neglected ourselves and when we went to buy we found that the shelves were completely empty,” he adds.

For the past few days, her passion is to find baby formula anywhere. Marissa searches the Internet several times a day. He does so even though he knows he will not succeed. The options are very limited, «Doctors warn us that we can’t give her whole milk For our children, that we continue the search». Natalia’s son was born with a milk protein allergy and needed a specific formula. “We couldn’t find this formula, and I can’t breastfeed him because I can give him any food I eat,” she says.

He and his family went to a supermarket last Sunday. Upon arrival, they found that the shortage had spread to other baby products. ,There is a shortage of medical products for childrenLiving in a country like America in 2022 and what is happening is horrible,” he laments.

Biden announces massive purchase of Spanish and German formulas

Going out in search of infant formula in a market ravaged by a unique supply crunch is a sterile task. Anne Williams-Isom, deputy mayor of Health and Human Services, said in a statement: “The nationwide infant formula shortage is hurting parents and families in our city at a time when we are still in the midst of the crisis of the past two years. battling with.”

An Air Force C-17 loads pallets of infant formulaGetty Images via AFP

The Biden administration has had to intervene, although a response from the White House may be too late. Last Wednesday it authorized the Defense Department to use contracts with commercial airlines to import powdered milk from anywhere in the world.

What’s happening makes us question having another babyNatalia, mother (Texas)

A call that has been answered by the dairy sector in Spain, which has already started taking advantage. From the Spanish Dairy Interprofessional Organization Recognize mass shipments of powdered milk to the United States, Washington has started importing infant formula in large quantities from either Rammstein Airport or Zurich (Switzerland) in Germany.

However, those shipments announced by Germany, Spain or Switzerland still do not reach North American homes. «They tell us they are going to bring milk from Europe, But it hasn’t been seen yet, at least not in Houston.», says Marisa, who assures that the shortage affects all Americans equally. The product drought has overturned the laws of the US free market. “I could have paid more for it, but still got it nowhere,” he says. Lack has made a dent in families like Natalia. “It makes us question having a third child,” she says.

A severe shortage of baby milk shook the United States: “It’s terrible to be like this in 2022”

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