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8 Dangerous Storms Predicted in the 2022 Rainy Season

Sinaloa.- Between 15 and 17 tropical cyclones Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) estimates of 12 to 14 for the Pacific Ocean…

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Sinaloa.- Between 15 and 17 tropical cyclones Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) estimates of 12 to 14 for the Pacific Ocean and in the Atlantic Ocean They can be presented during 2022.


of the natural phenomena occurring during the rainy season Starting May 15 in the Pacific Ocean and 1 June in the Atlantic Ocean, There will be at least eight major impact storms Which can create conflict in the power supply in the country.

Guillermo Navarez Elisondo, CFE’s distribution director, announced that according to the emergency care plan, the most critical points for hurricane entry are the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

He stressed that the purpose of setting out strategies to restore service in the shortest possible time is to join the 47 million customers they have, regardless of the intensity of the incident, even. That Hurricane Grace, also one of the strongest of 2021, affected 1 percent of users, it was because service times were reduced by 40 percent.

focus on the affected

Hector Felix Carrillo, Sinaloa’s director of civil defense, explained that temporary shelters are already prepared in case of the impact of a natural event that poses damage or risk.

He said it would be at a meeting to be held in the municipality of Mazatlán on May 16 to announce the details of the storm’s weather and how many effects it could have.

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Dust collectors will continue: Juan Espinosa

The dust storms recorded at Culiacán are caused by high temperatures of heat and radiation, generated by fresh air that enters from the Gulf of California, and will continue for at least four more days, Juan Espinosa Luna reported. The doctor of applied geophysics said that the phenomenon, which was visible in most parts of the city on Thursday afternoon, is due to the already suffering hot weather.

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Radiation is at the limit. “Team in the field the maximum score we have, which is 11. At 11, the sensor gets stuck. We are at the limit of the radiation level”, he said.

In Mazatlan the man fell into the canal carrying everything and the truck

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8 Dangerous Storms Predicted in the 2022 Rainy Season

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