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787 km railway ready now

next 16 In May, the Secretary of the Navy, under the command of Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, will announce…

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next 16 In May, the Secretary of the Navy, under the command of Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, will announce the decisions of the two most important restricted tenders of the Transisthamian Corridor.
We are talking about the rehabilitation of about 787 km of railway tracks, for which an investment of about 25 billion pesos is expected.
The tender, which was split in two and by invitation, was attended by five major associations, who submitted their respective economic proposals just yesterday.
Focus first on Mota Engel, with Nextmaril by Ivan Alejandro Lanzarin, headed by José Miguel Bezos; The second shooter is ICA, led by Guadalupe Phillips, who goes it alone.
A third party is GAMI, owned by Manuel Munozcano, affiliated with Construción Urales, a subsidiary of the Spanish company AZVI, and Regiomontana de Construción y Servios, owned by Humberto Armenta González.
In addition, the Constructor and Paver VISE of Santiago José Villanueva in joint partnership with the Spanish construction company COPASA, headed by José Luis Suárez.
And finally add what is now seen as a great favorite for the contribution made to the Transsystemian Corridor project: Grupo México Transportes-Ferosur, by German Laria.
For the rehabilitation of the 328 km railway from Coatzacoalcos to Palenque section and its right of way, the lowest offer was made by Mota ngel, with 8 thousand 470 million 863 thousand 212 pesos.
The most accurate belonged to Laria: whose budget was 11 thousand 81 million 203 thousand pesos.
In the other tender, for the rehabilitation of 459 km of the Ixtepec-Ciudad Hidalgo section and its right of way, the lowest offer was VISE: 14 thousand 885 million 114 thousand 303 pesos.
The highest was of Mota Angle with 18 thousand 914 million 352 thousand 27 pesos.
Among the works considered by the Trans-Isthmus Corridor are the modernization of the ports of Coatzacoalcos and Salina Cruz, as well as the Ferrocarril del Isthmo and the adjacent highway.
Also ten industrial parks in Oaxaca, governed by Alejandro Murat, and Veracruz, in charge of Cuitlahuac García. Five in each unit, besides laying fiber optics and a gas pipeline.

Minister Margaret Rios-Farjat opted to violate banking secrecy in Mexico. And is that the SAT will be able to intervene and know the account details of the taxpayers. The first chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, chaired by a former SAT head and a minister today, opened the door for tax officials who will now be able to break into the intimacy and privacy of millions. Mexican K. What does this imply? That, unlike before, the SAT shall have the power to access any Mexican and/or company bank information without justification and without the need for a prior court order. It is a judicial resolution that violates the constitution, and worst of all, it can create an atmosphere of oppression and mistrust that causes great harm to the country, even more so at a critical moment in terms of Mexico rule. passing through. Law and protection of the legal status, privacy and protection of personal data of its population.

You are here Felipe Calderón’s Attorney General of the Republic, lawyer Marisela Morales, has just been booked by none other than the brothers Juan, Antonio and Julia Collado Mosello, to assist the former in all open proceedings against him. and organized crime, including a recent complaint by lawyers Juan Araujo Rivapalacio and César Omar González Hernández. Morales Ibáez, who held the position from 2011 to 2012, was hired as an operative of Colados before the federal judicial power, to pave the way for him before magistrates and judges in the case that the Attorney General of the Republic. The General’s Office, Alejandro Gertz, led the way. Then the luxury lobbyist.

criminal complaint Bancomext submitted last month about the alleged Homex fraud for 456 million pesos, which, in addition to two other directors, Luis Alberto Harvey and Wilfrido, Luis Alberto Harvey and Wilfrido, in addition to two other directors, Eustaquio, Gerardo and Jose Ignacio. Dee was against Nicolas. Castillo Sanchez Majorada. The first, then a participant of the Nexus Capital Fund, is already secured, and the second died two years ago. In parallel, the Public Ministry also requested an arrest warrant, but in this case there were only two: one against “Tato”, who had been arrested three weeks earlier, and the other against Gerardo, who was already a fugitive. .

CFE ready Decision to lease about seven thousand vehicles, a contract of about 4 billion pesos. They are accompanied by the firm Casanova Rent by Joaquín and Carlos Ichenic, and Arendomoville by Juan Antonio Hernández, everything and have breached the contract that Manuel Bartlett gave them in 2019 through the mediator of the then Interior Secretary, Ricardo Peralta . His lawyer. Despite this failure, where Arendomoville only delivered a thousand units, the CFE was not left without mobility as Casanova entered into contract and extended contracts with the same vehicles during Enrique Pea Nieto’s six-year tenure. The problem is that there is still a shortage of cars due to the chip crisis.

so nothing, what Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala continues to sell her companies. Not long ago I told him that he only distanced from 4T and Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He went to live in Switzerland and transferred a good part of his activity to Spain. It is developing residential housing in Salamanca. Here he first got rid of Kio Networks, the information technology business that acquired I Squared Capital Fund, and is now looking for buyers for his chain of Unia and Tangmanga universities, in addition to real estate development and Abelia’s. Bhandar, his second hand of entrepreneurship. The person in charge of keeping them is his son Pablo Zapata Aramburuzbala.

Aromar and Magnichartes They are sentenced that if they do not pay their respective debts to Mexico City International Airport (AICM), they will be transferred to the new Felipe ngeles International Airport (AIFA). And it is that the companies of Zvi Katz and Luis Bojórquez register delays in payment of platform usage, tractors, coaches, hangars, counters, ramp services and air traffic. It will be necessary to see whether the jet fuel, which is negotiated with airports and ancillary services directed by Oscar Argüello, has not been completed by including the Secretary of the Interior, Aidan Augusto López, and the Undersecretary of Transport, Rogelio Jiménez Ponce. ,

787 km railway ready now

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