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5-meter crocodile bites and kills 3-year-old child

Kenya.- 5 meter crocodile caught and killed After the death of a 3-year-old child in Kenya. Last Saturday, residents of…

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Kenya.- 5 meter crocodile caught and killed After the death of a 3-year-old child in Kenya.

Last Saturday, residents of East Asembo in Rarida, Seiya County, A trap was laid to catch the crocodileWhich is said to have been washed away in the neighborhood from Railayo Beach on Lake Victoria.

A three-year-old boy died when he was looking for water in the lake with his mother when a crocodile approached him. The devastated mother could only watch helplessly as her son was mutilated.

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One resident, Alex Otino, said the crocodile may have wandered into the area after locals settled in the crocodile’s habitat, leading to an increase in attacks.

Please note that in August 2020 Crocodile attacked 32-year-old woman On the same beach, similar nets were set to trap the reptile.

Paul Omondi, a fisherman at Ralayo Beach, said at the time that he would have to lure the crocodile for food to catch the 5 meter long animal.

He said: “We tie the meat to a hook. Then when the crocodile bites into the flesh, it is caught.”

However, locals are being warned not to take action in their own hands, as the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said the first case reported to anyone trying to capture an animal was due to human-wildlife conflict. Should do

Residents used axes to kill the animal and used the meat as a distraction, and the Kenya Wildlife Service later arrived to collect the remains of the crocodile.

They have reported an increase in the number of hippo and crocodile attacks in the area, according to Meshek Okuku, president of the Seiya County Beach Management Unit.

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