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48 hours: blow on the table

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya gave his cabinet officials 48 hours to withdraw any lawsuits or lawsuits against journalists. This is…

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Governor Rubén Rocha Moya gave his cabinet officials 48 hours to withdraw any lawsuits or lawsuits against journalists. This is in reference to indications that one of its secretaries has legal action against communicators.
In an official circular addressed to the heads of state government secretariats and administrative bodies, it states that respect for freedom of thought and expression is one of the fundamental principles of the Fourth Transformation. Because this is the only way to aspire to a democratic society.
Similarly, recent events in the official letter, in particular the deprivation of life of journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez, are, he says, a reason for reflection on the guarantee of the free exercise of the profession in the state.
In view of this, it indicates that in the present administration they are not in harmony with the practice of legal action against journalists for broadcasted expressions in the performance of their profession, to which they call the officers who are in the said belief , within a period. 48 hours, appear before the relevant examples to prepare your withdrawal. In case of disagreement, he is encouraged to present his resignation from office.
In fact, during the Semenera conference, Rubén Rocha later confirmed with the circular that officials who did not share his way of thinking would have to remove him because they could not be in his government, and he respected So does Luis Enrique Ramirez.
Certainly this is a great measure as the authorities demand there is a clear threat against journalists and to prevent them from exercising freely. It is expected that false portals financed by these politicians will also lead to legal action for defamation and stigma campaigns on social networks. attentive

due. In a very interesting exercise, EL DEBATE published an analysis of possible options for the mayor of Culiacán, Jess Estrada Ferreiro. Before the almost imminent impeachment, six names sounded very loudly: Graciela Dominguez, Jess Ibarra, Aaron Rivas, Feliciano Castro, Javier Gaxiola and Enrique Diaz.
Two letters emerged from the state Congress, deputy Jesus Ibarra, whose proximity to the national leader of Morena stands out as one of his strengths, and Feliciano Castro, coordinator of the Murray party and president of Zucopo, who has been one of the main opponents of Estrada. Ferreiro.
There are three very strong prospects from the cabinet, the Secretary of Education, Graciela Dominguez; head of economy, Javier Gaxiola; and Administration and Finance, Enrique Diaz. This is where we see the greatest potential, due to the confidence he has instilled in his positions, acceptance in Congress and close proximity to the executive.
Another profile that shouldn’t be dismissed, that of former mayor Aaron Rivas, could come as a big surprise. It has long dreamed of capturing a federal delegation, with great acceptance among all parties. It also has the strength that it does not face any political group or region. The governor could work with them and knew how to download resources from the federation for public works. Don’t ignore it.

Agenda. Tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., the state Congress will vote on the mandate repeal law for the governor of Sinaloa, remember the state executive sent the initiative to reconcile federal law. Surely it will be approved without any problem.

political memory. “The end justifies the means”: Niccol Machiavelli.