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43 killed in new prison massacre

A 43 The number of prisoners killed during a new riot rose early this Monday This time in the prison…

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A 43 The number of prisoners killed during a new riot rose early this Monday This time in the prison of the city of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, located in Theo central equatorThe state attorney general’s office reported.

In a message on Twitter, the prosecutor’s office indicated that “there are 43 prisoners dead so far,” as the Interior Minister (Ecuador), Patricio Carrillo, told a press conference minutes after the 41 prisoners were killed . ,

“Most of them, if not almost a hundred percent, can be seen with the naked eye, they were deprived of life with a knifeNot with a shotgun,” Carrillo said at a news conference.

The minister said most of the bodies were “exposed and attacked in pavilions and chambers” and specified that 112 people were deprived of their liberty, who were already out of jail, some had to be saved. With the intention of escaping life and others.

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The National Police has been arranged and coordinated with the Armed Forces to protect the roads connecting the jail to the Chhawani (Municipality). Province of Santo Domingo de los Tschilaso,

Carrillo noted that the conflict in the prison, where 13 were injured (some of them seriously), took place between a criminal organization that called itself Los Lobos and another dissident criminal group, which called itself the R7. .

Considering the seriousness of some of the injured, the minister did not rule out this. The death toll may rise in the coming hours,

Carrillo described as “brutal” what happened at the Belavista detention center, and explained that it was the same group that recently caused another confrontation at the Turi prison in the southern Andean city of Cuenca, in which 20 prisoners were killed, and at least 10 others injured.

The minister agreed that gang leaders should be subjected to a more demanding disciplinary regime. According to the officer, following the incidents, searches were conducted and they found “firearms enqueletdas (hidden)”.

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In Ecuador, nearly 400 prisoners have died in the past two years in conflicts between rival drug trafficking organizations that dispute internal control of prisons and those who exert influence inside and outside prisons, according to officials. Huh.

Recently, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) released a report on Ecuador prison crisis In which he urged the government to gain internal control over prisons, provide good conditions for prisoners and develop crime prevention policies where incarceration does not take place.

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There were more than 36,000 prisoners in 36 centers, including prisons and social rehabilitation centers, by the end of 2021, which have a capacity of 30,000, although overcrowding reached 62% in prisons such as Guayaquil, which is the most populous in the country with 7,231 prisoners and scene . The bloodiest episodes I’ve experienced in the last year.

To solve the prison crisis, President Guillermo Lasso’s government is in the process of hiring 1,400 new prison officers, providing nearly 5,000 pardons to prisoners convicted of petty crimes, and developing the country’s first human rights policy towards the prison population. is in process.

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