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15 Neighborhoods for the Playoffs by Participatory Budget

To be held in 15 neighborhoods of Mexico City neighborhood assemblies so that projects and winners have a tiebreaker participatory…

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To be held in 15 neighborhoods of Mexico City neighborhood assemblies so that projects and winners have a tiebreaker participatory budget 2022As announced by IECM.

Ernest RamosAdvisor to the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM), explained that the tiebreaker would include meetings explaining to residents that there were cases of projects that recorded an equal number of votes.

In these, he said, during the assemblies between the neighbors, the neighbors would decide the winning project by a show of hands. 15 May And this 17 JulyThe result of which will have to be informed to the concerned mayor’s office so that he can implement it.

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Councilor Ramos said in an interview, “The neighbors discuss the pros and cons of each of their projects and then decide by majority vote and we prepare a minute.”

They said that alvaro obregón It is the mayor’s office that deals with the most cases of tied projects, with five.

For example, in Colonia El Bosque, a project to acquire new children’s games and another for fencing and paving green areas received eight votes.

In the Bosques de Tarango, 82 votes were recorded respectively for a proposal to replace concrete with hydraulic concrete on Raquel Banda Farfan Street and another for the purchase and installation of a Sarmex-type seismic alert.

In Colonia Loma Hermosa, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, residents must decide whether the winning project is to acquire solar panels to reduce electricity bill payments or a safer route to the housing complex.

In Los Cedros, Coyoacán, two proposals to install an automatic irrigation system and another to install a video surveillance system, each received 23 votes.

At the Barrio Santa Crusita in Xochimilco, each of the three projects recorded four votes. One of them is to do cultural tourism for the residents, another for the improvement of Calle 5 de Mayo and another so that, through murals, a tourist corridor can be implemented on Avenida Nuevo León.

Other municipalities that also offer cases of a tie are Talapan in Rancho Los Colorinas; Gustavo A. in Guadalupe Victoria. Madero; Azcapotzalco, both in Libertad and San Salvador Xochimanca, and Magdalena Contreras, in San Bartolo Ameyalco.

“They are special cases assemblies, where they resolve the various hypotheses that arise, one hypothesis, the most common, being that there is no winning project and then the assembly as they determine at that meeting. Which are the tied projects that are going to happen,” Ramos said.

“Second Round”

Municipalities where neighborhood assemblies will be held:

  • alvaro obregón
  • Miguel Hidalgo
  • koyokan
  • xochimilco
  • solubility
  • Gum
  • azcapotzalco
  • Magdalena Contreras

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This, after this 1 May, was a face-to-face collection of the opinion of the Participatory Budget Consultation 2022, after last week the electoral body received votes through its app IECM SEI To decide which projects will be allocated to CDMX’s resources focused on the improvement of neighborhoods, neighborhoods and housing units.