Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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14-year-old teen among 6 killed in Michoacani

Morelia, Michoacan.- Horror again captures Michoacán, Bodies of six people found in unclaimed van On the Quitzio-Morelia highway, two of…

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Morelia, Michoacan.- Horror again captures Michoacán, Bodies of six people found in unclaimed van On the Quitzio-Morelia highway, two of them were minors, the youngest was 14 years old, It is reported that the men were on their way to a dance in San Agustin del Maiz.

Police sources said that five of the victims have been identified, but the names of the minors will be hidden. one of them 17 years oldThe others are Arturo, Alfonso and Daniel aged 22, 25 and 29 respectively.

The residents of the community of Capacho, the municipality of Huandacareo, reported that young people They went to have fun at a dance in the town of San Agustin del Maiz in the municipality of Copandaro, but they did not return to their homes.

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When the family realized his absence, they went to the authorities to inform it. to be missing Of the youth

The Attorney General of the State of Michoacan (FGE) indicated that at approximately 3:23 a.m., elements of the Michoacan Police were formed on the Cuitzio–Morelia Highway, at the height of the withdrawal to the community of San Agustin del Maiz. The demarcation of Copandaro, where The bodies of six people with wounds apparently caused by a shotgun projectile were located inside a vehicle.

FGE’s specialist staff drove to the site, where they placed the bodies of the victims in the bed of a Ram-type truck, Dodge brand, with plates from the state of Queretaro, for which they carried out the relevant procedures. To transfer the victims to the Forensic Medical Service where their autopsy was performed.

Michoacán’s governor, Alfredo Ramírez Bedola, told during his morning conference call that the FGE was in charge of the investigation and acknowledged that the area is dangerous, because there are criminal cells related to huachicol,

,We have a position in the northern part of the state of Michoacán, adjacent to Guanajuato, because of the Huachicol issue, but nothing we know is self-reported by the prosecutor’s office or the municipal president of Huandacario.”, said the state president.

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For his part, the mayor of Huandacareo, Humberto Gonzalez VilgomezCopandaro and Cuitzeo condoled the events in the border, emphasized that the family and society of their municipality was disappointed, likewise stated that it would be the FGE that would be dedicated to explaining the events.

,Unfortunately, the lifeless bodies of these youths appeared hours later in the van in which they were being transported, a situation that stunned the residents of Hundakario.”, the mayor said in a press release.

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