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11 murders of journalists, AMLO government condemns only in tweet

Mexico.- Words of lament, more than actions, privileged government of the fourth change When expressing yourself on the social network…

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Mexico.- Words of lament, more than actions, privileged government of the fourth change When expressing yourself on the social network Twitter when a journalist is murdered in Mexico, 11 so far in 2022.

The “effectiveness” of the federation, through the spokesperson of the President Jesus Ramirez CuevasCommunicators have stood out for the practice of recycling tweets initiated with a “deep” sentiment to condemn the killings.

It seems that the austerity announced by 4T also applies to the expression of the authorities to save time and effort. Ramirez uses the same inductive pattern (“Machote”, as it is commonly called) Journalist’s murder condemned

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double talk

while in space in the morning “Who’s Who in Lies of the Week?”The work of media and journalists is condemned, on the other hand they are condemned when their lives are taken for their journalistic work.

The AMLO spokesperson’s tweet, like other administrations, has denounced and renegotiated promises. Things and declarations are the same: “There will be a coordinated inquiry between the state and the federation, and above all there will be no punishment.”


not all murders year 2022. in have received mention, visibility or “official blessing” From the Twitter account of Ramirez Cuevas. It is also unknown why it condemns some, but not other, crimes against journalists; Why don’t some fallen accomplices like Margarito Esquivel even deserve to be named on the day of their murder?
Mexico is on international alert.

The CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists says it is the deadliest country for journalism in the Western Hemisphere. From 2000 to the present day, the international organization Article 19 has documented 153 murders of journalists in Mexico, possibly related to their work. According to their figures, 47 occurred during Enrique Pea Nieto’s six-year term, and Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s 33.

Journalists killed so far this year

  • Jose Luis Gamboa, reporter in Veracruz

On January 10, a journalist who wrote about security issues was stabbed to death. The Presidency had no message of condemnation. In late April, a man accused of murder was arrested.

  • Margarito Esquivel, photojournalist in Tijuana

On January 17, the photojournalist was shot in the head. He had faced threats and was trying to enter the federal apparatus to protect the government. A spokesman for the president did not issue a statement.

  • Lourdes Maldonado, Tijuana journalist

The case of Lourdes Maldonado was the one that attracted the most attention at the start of the year, as in the morning he was condemned fearing for his life. He was murdered on 23 January. Three killers were arrested. The purpose and intellectual author are unknown.

  • Roberto Toledo, Michoacani journalist

When Toledo was assassinated on January 31, Ramírez condemned the murder and said he would work to make it clear, that there would be no punishment. He later told that he is not a journalist. Journalists defended him.

  • Heber López, founder and editor of Web News Oaxaca

The journalist wrote about acts of corruption by authorities in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. The local prosecutor’s office denied that his crime was related to his publications. He was shot dead on 10 February.

  • Jorge Camaro, Portal Director of Sonora

He was shot dead on 24 February in Sonora. Two days after his death, the prosecutor’s office denied that the crime was related to his journalistic work. He said he belonged to criminal groups.

  • Juan Carlos Muniz, journalist from Zacatecasi

The official punishment for the murder of Muniz is the same as that of Ramírez, Molinedo, García, Toledo and Maldonado. He was assassinated on March 4. All matters have been criticized by Article 19.

  • Armando Linares, journalist in Michoacani

Armando Linares was assassinated on 15 March in Zitacuaro after his partner, Roberto Toledo. He requested protection from the federal apparatus, but it was denied. He was not named by Cuevas until April.

  • Luis Enrique Ramirez, columnist for the debate in Culiacán, Sinaloa

The columnist for El Debate was assassinated on May 5. He had worked in national media such as La Jornada. He wrote about politics, and in 2011 he denounced feeling in danger following the assassination of Luis Perez.

  • Yesenia mollinedo, Director of Digital Portal El Veraz and Sheila Johanna García, Cameraman for Portal El Veraz, Veracruz

On Monday, May 9, two female journalists were shot dead in Veracruz. Again, Ramirez stressed that the state and federal governments “will work together to explain his death.”

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The last word about the tweet about the murder of Luis Enrique Ramírez was changed: he said “we will work in coordination with the state and municipal government to clarify the matter.”

The message against impunity was once again present. López Obrador lamented the facts and justified that the problem of insecurity was left by previous governments.

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11 murders of journalists, AMLO government condemns only in tweet

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